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Children up to the age of 5

We offer a special service for children up to the age of 5 who are travelling alone. A lot flight attendant will be assigned to accompany your child from the moment of ticket and baggage check-in until they are met by a designated adult at their destination airport. There is an additional charge for the service.

Children aged between 5 and 12

We offer a special service for children aged between 5 and 12, as well, also for an additional charge. Care is provided by a member of the lot Polish Airlines cabin crew and by successively designated passenger service ground personnel during the procedures on land.

Young people aged between 12 and 17

Young people aged between 12 and 17 may travel alone. However, at their parents' or guardians' specific request, they can be accompanied by a member of the cabin crew. The service is provided as for children aged between 5 and 12.

How can I take advantage of the service?

The parents or guardians of children who are travelling alone are required to complete an Air Carrier Care Instruction, which can be obtained from any lot Polish Airlines office or directly at the ticket and baggage check-in point.

For children commencing their journey in Italy

Please note that children under the age of 14 travelling unaccompanied are obliged to present a declaration when they check in. The declaration, which must signed by both parents, is issued at every police station in Italy.