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Infant discount is 90% off the regular rate and applies to children under 2 who do not need a separate seat on board. Children from 2 and under 12 years are entitled to a 25% discount off the regular rate and a separate seat.

Luggage limits

Children under 2 (infants) have free luggage limit of 1 piece up to 23 kg (50.7 lbs) (158 cm in total), regardless of the travel class and destination (except the tickets in fares with carry-on baggage only). Parents travelling with children can take a meal for them on board.

Strollers and push chairs

The free luggage limit includes a collapsible baby stroller or a push chair for children under 2 years old. A ground staff member will take your stroller or push chair from you right before you board the aircraft. If will be returned upon landing right after leaving the aircraft, so that you can use it at the airport.

Required travel documents

Please be advised that each flying child is required to have their own ID.Documents accepted accepted by LOT polish Airlines:

  • domestic routes: ID card, passport, school ID or birth certificate (in case of children up to 7 years - valid for tickets purchased on December 1, 2016),
  • international routes (Schengen): ID card or passport,
  • international routes (non-Schengen): passport (or visas, if required).