Biodegradable products on board

Biodegradable products on board our planes - including wooden cutlery

The decarbonisation of the aviation sector mainly focuses on carbon emissions from fuel burned in flight. However, we have the potential to reduce our carbon footprint in other areas as well. Our aim is to reduce our environmental footprint and limit our consumption of natural resources.

We reduce the use of plastic and paper on board our aircraft and replace environmentally harmful products with those that are reusable or biodegradable.

Products on board

Reusable Luran crockery

Luran is a durable material that is successfully used in catering. We have replaced disposable plastic utensils with it. Reusable crockery not only visibly increases the comfort of your journey when you get your meal in a high-quality bowl but also protects the environment; according to tests, reusable crockery rotates an average of 30 times. It will reduce the annual amount of plastic waste - catering utensils - from 43.5 tonnes to 5.8 tonnes.

Wooden stirrers

We have eliminated plastic stirrers from our aircraft. When drinking a hot drink, you will use a wooden stirrer.


We have started the process of replacing catering trolleys with lighter ones.

Recycled seals

The material for our product-specific security seals comes from recycled residues from the creation of other products in the manufacturer's plant.


The removal of the daily paper press from our decks has resulted in a saving of 230 tonnes of fuel per year. Traditional newspapers have instead been replaced by e-newspapers.

Biodegradable earphone packaging

Headphones on long-haul flights in LOT Economy Class come in biodegradable packaging. We also endeavour to revitalise headphones left behind by passengers to put them back into circulation.

Reheating dishes

You can have a tasty meal in a reusable container on your long-haul flight.

Toiletry bags

We have introduced ecological toiletry bags and cosmetics including toothpaste, an eye mask made from natural raw materials and environmentally friendly accessories such as a bamboo toothbrush. You will be able to use the toiletry bags while travelling LOT Premium Economy or LOT Business Class on medium and long-haul flights.

Plans for the future


We plan to replace paper cups with a plastic coating inside with 100% paper cups. By changing the standard to serve not only coffee and tea in them but also soft drinks served in plastic glasses until now, we will significantly reduce plastic emissions. In addition, the cups will go into composting bins after use where they will fully decompose.


We plan to introduce trays with non-slip coatings on board. This measure will allow us to reduce the use of disposable paper traymats with non-slip coating and to get rid of them completely in the future. Additionally, the trays currently in use will be re-melted and used as the new type.

Porcelain and glass tableware

We are going to introduce porcelain and glass tableware specially designed for our airline on board LOT Business Class and LOT Premium Economy. This step will allow for greater dining comfort, reduce the use of disposable materials and the weight of the tableware carried on board.

Biodegradable products on board our planes - including wooden cutlery