Special meal

We are open to your needs. If for whatever reason, be it dietary, religious or just individual preferences, you would like to have a special meal on board, you can choose it from our rich menu. Our special meal menu is available in all cabin classes on long-haul flights, in LOT Business Class on short-haul flights and in LOT Premium Economy and LOT Economy Class on mid-haul flights (Astana, Tashkent, Dubai and Riyadh)

Passenger enjoys LOT Business Class benefits on board Dreamliner

We offer a wide selection of special meals on board our aircraft:

Special meals available on flights from Warsaw. Special meals offered on flights from other airports may vary. 

    • Asian-Vegetarian (AVML) - a meal for vegetarians, prepared and spiced in the Indian style,
    • For diabetics (DBML) - a meal suitable for diabetic passengers who require a balanced meal with low sugar and fat content,
    • Gluten-free (GFML) - a meal suitable for passengers on a gluten-free diet,
    • Vegetarian/Vegan (VGML) - a meal which does not contain any animal products or products of animal origin,
    • Vegetarian lacto ovo (VLML) - a meal for vegetarians who eat dairy products,
    • Low-lactose (NLML) - a meal containing non-lactose milk products. It is not suitable for passengers who are allergic to cow's milk.
    • Special requests (SPML) - composed without two selected allergens.

Special meals are available at no extra cost.

You can order your meal through our LOT Contact Center or Manage My Booking. Remember that your request for the service must be submitted at least 24/48 hour before the scheduled departure.

Did you know that with a lot.com account, you can choose your favourite meal? It will automatically be added to your next booking.

Note! There are exceptional circumstances, such as flight cancellations, delays, swap of planes or carriers operating a given flight – in such situations we may not be able to fulfill your request for a special meal, including a peanut-free meal. We ask for your understanding in these rare cases.

Do you wish to learn more about a specific dish or ask about potential allergenic ingredients? Our crew will answer your every question!

Have a delicious travel!

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