An animal in the cabin

Obedient dachshund dog sits in blue pet carrier in public place and waits the owner. Safe travel with animals by plane or train. Customs quarantine before or after transporting animals across border

Travel with your pet!

You can take a dog, a cat or a ferret on board our planes. Please note that the number of animals on any given type of aircraft is limited. Check the availability of the service by booking your ticket on or later, up to 12 hours before departure, in Manage My Booking

Transport of an animal on board

When travelling on board, your pet must spend the entire trip in a special container (either a transporter or a soft bag for the transport of animals) suitable for its weight and size. The animal has to fully fit in the kennel (no part of the body may protrude outside the carrier) with freedom of movement guaranteed so that it can stand, turn around and lie down. The weight of the animal transported in the cabin together with the container may not exceed 8 kg

For security reasons, if you are transporting your animal as carry-on baggage, we cannot assign you a front section seat (in the case of a B787, this means the first rows of each cabin class; for other aeroplane types, this means the first row in the LOT Business Class).

transporter dla zwierzat

Accepted dimensions of containers and bags:

  • for B787 and B737 planes: 55/40/20 cm*;
  • or for DH4, E70, E75, E95 planes: 45/30/20 cm*.

Remember that your animal must remain in a transporter or a special bag throughout the flight, and during take-off, landing and in the case of turbulences, the container must be placed under the seat in front of you.

Charges for the transport of animals on board

Below you can find a table of charges for the transport of animals depending on the size and weight of the animal (the weight specified in a gross weight, i.e. including the transport bag or container). On domestic flights, we additionally charge 8% VAT. Prices shown in the table do not include the service charge, which may vary depending on the place where the service is ordered.

Domestic fligts (Poland)

PLN 190/EUR 40/USD 50/CAD 60

Europe/Middle East

PLN 280/EUR 60/USD 70/CAD 90

From/to North America / Asia

500 PLN/120 EUR/140 USD/170 CAD

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