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publication date: May 16, 2023

Group trips vs solo trips - how to travel?

Solo tour or group trips - which appeals more to you? Do you prefer the independence and freedom that comes with traveling alone or the shared experience of a group trip? Or maybe your first trip abroad is still ahead of you and you want to find out which form of trip best suits you? Read group trips vs solo and learn the pros of each option!

What we love group trips for (and you'll love them too!) - 5 arguments

1. Group trips give you the opportunity to share experiences

Would you agree with us that group trips (not only those far away) enrich you with new experiences? When you travel, you meet new people, discover places you haven't seen before and have the chance to admire truly magical sights. Thus, traveling is rich in experiences that.... are best shared with others! After all, the most pleasant memories are those of trips that don't need to be recounted, and with friends, one photo or word is often enough for everyone to understand what's on our minds.

Group trips are also a great opportunity to get to know each other better in company, understand each other's strengths and weaknesses, but also.... to build a common base of memories that will stay with you forever! What else do we love group tours for? For the fact that they make it easier to find yourself in a difficult situation. After all, there's nothing better than the feeling that you can always count on someone else's support.

2. You travel cheaper in a group - check out why sharing costs is a cool thing!

If you're planning to travel responsibly and on a budget you probably already know that group trips are the option for you! When planning a group trip, you don't have to worry about incurring the full costs on your own - after all, they will be shared among all the travelers. So you'll save on fuel (if you're thinking of renting a car locally), lodging or even provisions. So, yes... group trips are a great opportunity to save money! Many places also introduce discounts for groups, for example, on entrance fees to various attractions, museums or amusement parks. It's worth checking this out before you leave, and you'll definitely be able to save a few pennies.

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3. The third (and rather non-obvious) argument - cheaper airline tickets, thanks to LOT's offer for Groups!

Speaking of discounts, let's smoothly move on to argument number three, viz. more flexible airline tickets on offer from LOT for Groups! Our package includes, among other things, seat reservations without a named passenger list (just in case one of your friends backs out at the last minute and his seat is taken by someone else), free seat assignment (so you can enjoy each other's company all the way!), checked baggage included in the price (for any souvenirs from your trip), the ability to change passenger details without giving a reason, and.... special pricing and cancellation conditions! Sounds good, doesn't it?

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So... if your group has a minimum of 10 people, and you've been considering traveling together for a long time, be sure to check out LOT for Groups offer. After all, is there anything more enjoyable than group trips aboard our planes?

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4. Group trips mean... your favorite company 24 hours a day!

This point probably does not need to be explained. Group trips are, of course, the best because.... they are group! Can you imagine a more enjoyable trip than one with close friends? Surely you already know each other well and understand each other without words, and your characters complement each other flawlessly. We also suspect that in today's rather busy world, you probably find it difficult to set a date for the next meeting, and the number of untold stories is getting larger every day....

Large group of friends having lunch on the beach, group trips vs solo trips

How to remedy this? Give yourself the best gift ever and.... simply spend some time together. You will surely be able to catch up on all the things you have missed, and you will add new memories to the existing shared ones. Our guarantee of time well spent? Group travel!

5. Group trips give you a sense of security - after all, you're better off in a group!

Our final argument for choosing a group tour is.... a sense of security. When traveling in a group, you don't feel as much responsibility as when you go on a solo trip, and you always have the opportunity to share any tasks and responsibilities. On top of that, you simply feel safer, for example, in case of an unforeseen situation, an accident or even a night walk in an unfamiliar city. Group trips are also a good idea for those who are going abroad for the first time.

Large group of friends having lunch on the beach, group trips vs solo trips

Traveling solo - a guide for beginning globetrotters

1. Rediscover yourself and spread your wings while traveling solo

Now that you know the biggest pluses of group travel (although there are certainly many more than five), it's time to... the advantages of traveling solo! And while you probably think you need special preparation to travel solo - we're here to lead you astray. Solo trips are an option not only for experienced travelers!

A young girl tours the market square in Krakow on a sunny day, group trips vs solo trips

Traveling alone gives you a chance to rediscover yourself and spread your wings. Would you agree that this is a real school for your character? Here everything is up to you - where you go, what you do, what you eat, where you spend the night.... Not having to conform to a group will help you better understand yourself and your needs, as well as.... discover your favorite form of travel! Will it be a solo road trip or traversing the country with a backpack? Or will you decide to join one of the organized tours? The possibilities are many, and the final decision depends only on you!

2. Feel independence when traveling solo

If group trips seem tiring to you due to difficult to reconcile differences of opinion, a solo trip will be a hit! We perfectly understand that as many people as many ideas, decisions made (or not), food preferences and those concerning the form of leisure activities. If you are an independent person, traveling in a group may indeed tire you out. Traveling alone will not only make you feel more independent, but will also save you from unnecessary arguments with your loved ones. So create your own tour plan and tailor it to your needs - choose the places you want to visit and discard those that don't necessarily interest you. Sound like the perfect plan? Then solo trips are something for you!

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3. Traveling alone? Meet someone on the road!

Whether you're traveling solo by choice or simply don't have anyone to accompany you on your trip - this argument may convince you! After all, traveling alone is a great opportunity to.... to meet someone new. Favorable conditions are bound to be innumerable, especially if you plan to hitchhike or stay in hostels. Remember that meeting new people is extremely fascinating and you can always learn something new from them, for example, about the place you are visiting together! Eventually, who knows.... maybe these fleeting acquaintances will turn into lasting friendships for years to come?

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