Old Jewish house with a Hebrew Star of David in Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland, Eastern Europe, Jewish culture in Krakow

publication date: June 21, 2023

Jewish culture in Krakow - discover the fascinating Judaica and monuments of the Jewish city

Want to immerse yourself in fascinating Jewish culture? Visit Krakow and discover its remarkable Judaica - Jewish monuments that tell the story of Krakow's Jewish community in an amazing way. Read our article and learn about the most important places, related to the Jewish population in Krakow!

Judaica in Krakow - visiting Kazimierz district

Kazimierz district - a unique atmosphere in the center of Jewish culture

Do you want to learn more about Krakow's Jewish community? If so, the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz is the purpose of your trip! Where to start your tour of Kazimierz? Walk through its narrow streets and picturesque squares to feel the unique atmosphere of the area. If you are planning a longer tour of Krakow's Jewish city, be sure to include a visit to any of the local restaurants with traditional Jewish dishes or small stores offering handicrafts inspired by Jewish culture. In our opinion, the Kazimierz district is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the history of Krakow's Jews and experience the city's unique atmosphere.

Aerial view of the old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz in Krakow, Poland, Jewish culture in Krakow

A reflective memorial - the history of the Jews at Schindler's Factory

Schindler's Factory is an extremely reflective place, created in memory of the Krakow Jews. Over the years, this former enamelware factory has become a symbol of heroism and the rescue of Jews during World War II, and its interiors have created an... an interactive museum. There you will find many exhibits, telling the story of the Jews and Oskar Schindler, as well as those depicting the fate of the Jewish community during the Holocaust. In our opinion, Schindler's Factory is an extremely unique place that you absolutely must visit when visiting Krakow.


Tour of Kazimierz and Schindler's Factory

Learn more about Jewish culture during a guided tour of Kazimierz!

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Book a trip

A tribute to ancestors - Jewish Krakow at the Remuh Cemetery

If you want to visit one of the most important and oldest Jewish cemeteries in Krakow, head to the Remuh Cemetery. It's a place full of deafening silence and omnipresent tranquility, where you will feel the power of the history of Krakow's Jews. You'll also find the graves of famous rabbis and other important figures in the Jewish community. Take a walk to the Remuh Jewish Cemetery and pay tribute to the community of Krakow's Jews.

Jewish cemetery in Cracow, Poland, Jewish culture in Cracow

Wandering through Krakow's Jewish neighborhoods - vibrant life on Szeroka Street

Did you know that Szeroka Street used to be one of the most important places in the life of Krakow's Jews? Strolling through this picturesque square, you will feel the pulsating life and history that is permanently inscribed in its tenements and walls. On Szeroka Street you will also find many restaurants serving traditional Jewish dishes and cafes with live klezmer music. If you are thinking of buying souvenirs of Krakow, Szeroka Street is a great place to visit stores selling handicrafts and unique souvenirs.

Poland, Cracow, restaurant in Kazimierz district, Jewish culture in Cracow

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A meeting with Jewish culture in Krakow - the Jewish Culture Festival

The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow is a unique event that combines tradition with modernity and creates a truly magical atmosphere. Each year, the festival attracts both residents of Krakow and tourists from around the world, giving them the opportunity to explore Jewish culture, music, dance and art.




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The Jewish Culture Festival takes place in various venues throughout Krakow and lasts for several days, offering a rich artistic and educational program. What can you expect? Klezmer concerts, dance workshops, literary presentations and film screenings, showing the diversity and beauty of Jewish culture. One of the festival's main events is Shalom on Szeroka Street, a grand outdoor concert showcasing talented Jewish artists and international guests. If, like us, you can't wait for Krakow's Jewish Culture Festival, book flights to Krakow and remember - attending the event is a great opportunity to learn about both the traditional and contemporary face of Krakow's Jewish history.

The Center for Jewish Culture - a place for meetings and cultural events

We can easily say that the Center for Jewish Culture, located on Beera Meiselsac Street, somehow revives the history of Jewish culture in Cracow. It is an extraordinary place of meetings and events, promoting contemporary Jewish culture, which inspires visitors to explore the history of Krakow's Jews and learn about the richness of Jewish heritage. You can participate here in various concerts, exhibitions, workshops or literary meetings, thanks to which you will get to know the rich Jewish culture much better!


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Krakow Museum - an exhibition that tells the fascinating history of the Jewish community

The Krakow Museum is not exactly a museum of Jewish culture, but... It has a special exhibition: Before the Walls Grew. Jews in Podgórze, which is devoted to the history and culture of Krakow's Jews. This is an extremely valuable source of knowledge, showing the fate of Krakow's Jewish community, their contribution to the development of the city and the richness of their culture. Learn about the history of the Jewish city, view authentic everyday objects and learn more about the traditions of Krakow's Jews by strolling through the museum's halls.

List of 5 sacred monuments of Krakow's Jews

The sacred architecture of the Old Synagogue - Krakow's Jewish cultural jewel

The Old Synagogue, located in the heart of the Jewish city, is one of the most valuable Jewish cultural monuments in Poland. You are sure to be delighted by its impressive sacred architecture and construction, whose style is reminiscent of other Gothic synagogues in Europe. The interior of the building itself, on the other hand, hides many unique exhibitions that will take you back in time and give you a fuller picture of the life and traditions of the Jewish community in Krakow. So if you are interested in the history of the organization of the Jews of Cracow, the Old Synagogue must definitely be on your list!

Tempel Synagogue - harmony of tradition and modernity

The Tempel Synagogue, located on Miodowa Street, is another architectural treasure of the Jewish city. Its unique combination of Neo-Romanesque and Neo-Renaissance styles makes the Tempel Synagogue a perfect example of harmony between tradition and modernity. You won't be surprised to find that it attracts both history and architecture lovers!

A religious monument with a rich past - Kupa Synagogue

When planning your route of Jewish monuments in Krakow, be sure to include Kupa Synagogue, located on Warshauer Street. This historic place of prayer, distinguished by its beautiful Baroque architecture and rich decorations, is sure to catch your eye! Like the rest of Krakow's synagogues, Kupa serves as both a place of worship and an important part of Jewish heritage. If you are planning a trip in the footsteps of Krakow's Jewish culture, be sure to include a visit to Kupa Synagogue.

Architecture and spiritual space in the Isaac Synagogue

The Isaac Synagogue, located on Jacob Street in Krakow, is one of the most important monuments in this part of the Jewish quarter. Its imposing Neo-Romanesque architecture stands out against the surrounding buildings, and the interior exudes a spiritual space that invites reflection. Take a walk through the Jewish quarter and learn what role the synagogue played for the local community.

The Great Synagogue - reconstruction and discovery of history

The last on our list, the Great Synagogue, is a perfect example of a post-World War II restored building that has been successfully restored to its former glory. Many tourists are drawn to it by its highly mystical aura, which is sure to inspire you as well! Learn more about the culture of Polish Jews and discover the significance of the Jewish cultural site.

Old Synagogue in Krakow, Poland, UNESCO heritage site, Jewish culture in Krakow
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