Chicago's biggest attractions - what to see?

The most interesting places in Chicago are closely related to the dynamic development of the city. As late as the end of the 18th century, Indians of the Illinois Tribe lived here, and only a few decades later one of the most significant railroad junctions was established. In the following century, an incredibly rapid acceleration made the small settlement the third largest and most populous metropolis in the country in a short period of time.

Chicago- must see

Chicago Riverwalk

Skyline with breathtaking skyscrapers peeking through the surface of Lake Michigan is one of Chicago's most beautiful and recognizable attractions. In the city, the Chicago River flows into this great body of water (the third of the five Great Lakes of North America), with downtown located along its banks. It is one of the few urban areas in the United States where you can walk freely without being swarmed by a crowd of cars. It's the perfect place and time for coffee, lunch, admiring the beautiful waterfronts, and taking a cruise ship cruise. You can also spread a blanket in the park or rent a kayak! As you can see, although big-city life is rushing around in the shadow of tall skyscrapers, this space is ideal for relaxation and a variety of activities.

Millennium Park

You'll get similar impressions from Millennium Park. This is one of the most famous green spaces in the entire country, which is surrounded on all sides by skyscrapers from different eras. Relaxing through this patch of natural landscape ripped out of office buildings, you'll reach the highlight which is Cloud Gate - a massive sculpture in the shape of a bean-like blob with a mirrored surface. One of the world's most "Instagram-able" landmarks and Chicago attractions.





Willis Tower

Today the third tallest building in the United States, and at the time of its construction in the 1970s the tallest in the world. Reaching over 440 meters, the skyscraper is an extremely distinctive landmark in the city's skyline, and its unique attraction is the famous glass observation deck that extends in front of the face of the wall. If you have nerves of steel this is the perfect place for you, however, if you are bothered by a fear of heights or space you are unlikely to be thrilled.

John Hancock Center

This is another of the city's landmark buildings. Standing 344 meters tall and shaped like a pyramid, it not only has fine architecture, but also a vantage point near the top that will offer you an incredible panorama of the city.

Grant Park

This is the largest park in Chicago, which is adjacent to the shores of the lake. The current name in honor of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant was given to it in 1901. Here you'll find the distinctive Buckingham Fountain, a massive fountain dating back to 1927. If you're a fan of American sitcoms, you'll immediately associate it with the lead of the TV series "The World According to the Bundies," the plot of which, incidentally, is set in this city. In the park you can relax, jog, read, or take part in any of the frequently organized cultural or social events. There are also quite a few sports facilities, as well as gardens filled with colorful flowers.

Navy pier

A former naval pier, today it is a brilliantly arranged new recreational and leisure space. There are cafes, restaurants, trendy clubs, squares and gardens, stores and art galleries, as well as a huge funfair where you can go wild. An additional attraction is the beautiful view of the lake. All this makes the pier one of the most interesting places in Chicago, a must-visit when visiting the city.

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