Cabin Crew

Flight crew at the airport
Dariusz Żelazko

PLL LOT cabin crew personnel include 1,400 experienced flight attendants. Our job is to take care of your safety and comfort from the moment you board our aeroplane until you arrive at your destination airport. We are pleased to accompany you during your travels every day. 

What is our primary concern during flights?

On board, we report to the Captain, whom we inform of compliance with and coordination of safety procedures, and the cabin's readiness for the take-off and landing. Before take-off, we inform you of safety rules on a given aeroplane type. Throughout the flight, we take care of safety in the cabin. 

We care for your travel comfort

Hospitality is the guiding principle of our cabin service. In this spirit, we are committed to make your trip a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Every aircrew member is trained in soft skills that help ensure the flawless communication and cooperation within the crew and good contact with the passengers, as required in the aviation industry. For your enjoyment on board, we offer attractive products in our SHOP&MORE.   

Special care on board

We take special care of families with young children, persons with disabilities and passengers travelling with their pets. Children aged below 16 can travel under our care.   

How we get ready to work as Cabin Crew members

Our preparation to the role of a Cabin Crew member is the key element of the top quality of passenger service on our flights. Before we welcome you on board in this role for the first time, we undergo a total of 174 hours of training. Then, once every 12 months we undergo revalidation training to allow us to continue to exercise the privileges of our ratings. Once every three years, we refresh our practical skills during simulator training. 

Flight crew in the cockpit
Dariusz Żelazko