Travelling with animals

Take your pet - a dog, a cat or a ferret - on a journey with you. 

Traveler woman and her dog walking by the airport. information screens background. travel and transportation with technology concept.

There are three options to transport animals:

  • in the cabin in a container,
  • in the baggage hold,
  • in the baggage hold – as cargo.

Where an animal may be transported - in the cabin or baggage hold - will depend on its weight and size. Other animals may be transported only as cargo. 

We can take a limited number of pets on board our aircraft, so purchase of the service is subject to current availability. You can check it when you book your ticket on or later, up to 12 hours before departure, in Manage My Booking.

In order to ensure the comfort and safety of transported animals, we apply the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The transport of animals (dogs, cats or ferrets) in a carrier on board the aircraft and in the hold is only possible for non-commercial purposes.

Transporting animals for commercial purposes (for sale or transfer of ownership) entails additional costs due to the requirement for a customs agency among other things, hence such transport is only possible as Cargo.

If you travel with your pet on board an aircraft in a carrier or in the hold you bear the full legal and financial responsibility for it.