Road Feeder Service (RFS)

Mapka drogowa

Complementation of cargo by air is road transport, the so-called trucking or Road Feeder Service (RFS). Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A. they offer road connections on domestic and foreign routes. We provide fast transfer of goods at WAW between airplanes and RFS. Goods on these routes, as in air transport, are transported under cargo manifest and flight number.

All of our RFS connections are adapted to the arrivals and departures of planes to and from Warsaw. Thanks to the convenient location of the capital (in the middle of Europe), all transports of goods are carried out with high frequency and in a short time, both to the East and West of Europe.

RFS offers its offer to customers who want to carry:

  • full-package, pallet and groupage shipments,
  • ULD loading units,
  • shipments in weight categories dedicated to weight ranges of 1.2 tons, 3.5 tons, 5-6 tons, 24 tons.

It gives the possibility of transporting various types of cargo, including:

  • loads requiring controlled temperature (ranges from -20 degrees Celsius to +25 degrees),
  • dangerous goods (ADR excluding classes 1 and 7),
  • DGR, PER, PIL shipments - It is thanks to the diverse fleet of trucks.

Offered transports are not limited by periodic driving bans in Poland and Germany. As an airline performing RFS transports, we are entitled to request additional transit authorizations from the authorities of other transit countries.

LOT Cargo offers many transport choices. Our strengths are:

  • 37 scheduled destinations to/from WAW,
  • „same day” transfer to RFS in WAW,
  • the fastest and most frequent service to eastern and southern Europe,
  • special truck suitable to your commodity (temperature control truck, roller beds trucks).


LOT Cargo RFS Timetable for 2024

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