Where to fly on holidays with kids?

Mother and kids tourists sightseeing beautiful Italian city of Siena. The family is standing in Piazza del Duomo and admiring the facade of the famous Siena Cathedral.Nikon D850

Looking for places to spend your holiday with kids are you looking for lots of attractions and amenities? Here are the perks of such places as: Gdańsk, Barcelona, Crete, London. Go to one of them and enjoy a nice family holiday!

Where to fly on holidays with kids in Poland?

When you are on holidays with children at the Baltic Sea, you should consider taking a boat cruise from Gdańsk to Hel. For a symbolic price, you can watch grey seals swimming, a great attractions for children! A feeding session with a lecture takes place five times a day, and then the seals are eager to do wild trick to get fresh fish. Children can learn much more about these interesting mammals in Hel's seal aquarium, particularly about harmful human activities and what to do to help the animals. In the aquarium, seals are also treated and examined, with the aim to save the species from extinction. The seals are set free, which helps maintain their population in the sea. 

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A bird's eye view of Gdansk at sunset
Seals in City "Hel"

Where to fly on holidays with kids in Europe?


Are you wondering where to go on holidays with children abroad? Think about Barcelona! The city boasts very wide sandy beaches, which are characterised by a gently sloped sea bed - ideal for families with children. A visit to the Tibidago theme park, situated on a hill, will give children a good time. Opened 120 years ago, it is the oldest operating theme park in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. You will feel like in an old-school amusement park there, plus it is an excellent viewpoint to admire a panorama of Barcelona.

In warm summer evenings, you can go to the foot of the Montjuïc hill to watch Magic Fountains shows, a fabulous performance that combines water, light and sound. A wonderful place to visit even with young children - they are going to love it! From there, you can take your kids on a ride in the 750-metre Telefèric de Montjuïc cableway, which offers an amazing aerial view of the city. You must also visit the Barcelona Zoo, and the oceanarium – animal lovers will have excellent time there. Also, your children will absolutely love the 80-metre underwater tunnel which will let them watch sea creatures in their natural habitat - and there is a staggering number of 11,000 marine animals there.

Barcelona is full of historic monuments created by Antonio Gaudi, of which the Güell Park is the most popular with kids. With its fabulous architecture, numerous playgrounds and picnic sites, it excellently promotes outdoor activities. It is also an excellent viewpoint.

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Panorama of Barcelona

Greek Crete

The Greek islands make an ideal destination for holidays with children, particularly those who like bathing in warm turquoise sea water. Advantages of spending time there include the Greek hospitality, stunning views, adequate infrastructure and safety. And good weather in summer is guaranteed. We particularly recommend visiting the Crete islands (a flight to the airport in Heraklion or Chania), for they offer fabulous beaches awarded with the Blue Flag Certificate (e.g. Laguna Balos, the beautiful Elafonisi with red sand and shallow crystal clear water - a perfect place for playing with young kids) and numerous attractions for children. 

When in the Crete, visit the Waterpark, which has some attractions in store even for adults. Other sites that will make you children delighted include the Dinosauria Park (with moving full-size models of more than 50 species of dinosaurs), the Anopolis water park (with many slides, swimming pools and a playground), and two aquaria: Cretaquarium ( with many sea creatures) and Aquaworld Aquarium (local marine animals as well as many reptiles from around the world, some of which children can even touch). 

Apart from the aforementioned places, young holidaymakers who are interested in Greek history must visit the ruins in Gortyn, the extraordinary cave in the Dikti range where according to legends Zeus was born, as well as one of Greece's greatest attractions - the palace in Knossos with the legendary labyrinth. According to mythology, the labyrinth under the palace was where Cretan King Minos kept Minotaur - a Cretan monster half bull, half man..

Chanii coast

Entertaining London

There is no European capital that has more to offer to children than London. Although weather here may be capricious, the rich entertainment offer meant for young visitors will make up for the inconvenience. In a rainy evening, we recommend visiting free admission museums, the most interesting of which are the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. The museums are interactive - you will have an opportunity to carry out some experiments and touch the exhibits. In the former, you will take a walk among dinosaurs (one of the models moves and makes wild sounds), see a full-size blue whale and experience a simulated earthquake. The kids will also love the British Museum (with the immensely interesting collection of mummies), Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and the nearby Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Aerial view of London - London Bridge
The Palace of Westminster in London - view from the London Eye

Walking around London, watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives. In Greenwich Park, you will visit the astronomical observatory with the line showing the border between the East and West hemispheres. Ideally, get to Greenwich by a cruise boat (an additional attraction for your children) from the quay at the Westminster Bridge. On your way, you will see many symbols of London, such as the Houses of Parliament with the famous Big Ben clock tower, the Tower Bridge, and the world's largest ferris wheel - the London Eye.

If your kids are Harry Potter fans, they must visit King’s Cross station with Platform 9 and 3/4, from which the train would take students to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Also, take a 7-hour tour around the Warner Bros Studios, where you will learn about the making of the films and see authentic props and costumes from the films about the young wizard.

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