Holidays in Romania – places where you can spend an interesting holiday

The Black Sea from the Romanian side

When you have seen all known and unknown Romanian attractions, perhaps you might want to spend some carefree time in the country? Fancy some contact with nature, splendid views, mountain hikes, sunbathing at the seaside? Holidays in Romania can be an awesome and exciting experience! Never been to Romania? Pack your suitcases and have a wonderful summer time!

The Black Sea coast

Let the start of your holidays be a classic rest at the seaside. Warm waves and sandy beaches of the Black Sea will give you a relaxing and blissful time. In Mamai, the main resort, you will find everything which a place like that should have: hotels and boarding houses, cafés, restaurants, pubs, discos, shops. There is also an water park, so if you are travelling with kids, boredom will never get you. You can also hop into a gondola cableway to get some thrill and see scenic views. If you don't like crowds, and you can expect some in Mamai throughout the season, choose one of the neighbouring, much quieter towns. The selection of accommodation options is really wide! When in the Romanian coast, you should visit Constanta, an old city with ancient roots which today is an important port and economic centre. There are not many attractions there, but several historic monuments – like an ancient Roman mosaic – should catch your interest. Visit also the National History and Archaeology Museum and the Grand Mosque. When you are with your kids, you can take them to the local aquarium and dolphinarium.

Winter madness

You can spend your holidays in Romania also in winter! The country is a completely inconspicuous destination for Polish skiers, but if you like skiing, you will find some pretty good infrastructure in at least several resorts. The most popular one is Sinaia, which is considered the country's winter capital, just like Zakopane in Poland. It also boasts the name of "the royal resort", for it was a preferred winter destination among Romanian kings. In 1873, King Carol I ordered construction of a beautiful palace in the Bavarian style. Today, it is one of Romania's greatest attractions and a very interesting museum with several fascinating collections.

The royal resort of Sinaia in Romania





The Carpathians

The Romanian Carpathians is a fabulous region whose magic attracts lovers of wild and unspoilt nature, mountain hikes and idyllic villages where the time has stopped. If you are in for some trekking here, you'd better be well prepared! You can choose between mild and easy routes like ones in the Polish Bieszczady or Beskidy Mountains, and some devilishly challenging paths traversing which will require experience, excellent fitness and good gear. Whatever you choose and however fit you are, the views will definitely amaze you. You will come back tired but delighted and relaxed after some time in the wild. If you are lucky, you will come across shepherds grazing their herds as in the days gone by.

The Danube Delta

The Danube has its beginning in Germany and flows into the Black Sea after covering the distance of nearly 3,000 kilometres in 10 countries. The Europe's second largest river makes up the continent's second largest delta (after Volga), which spans across nearly 3,500 km² and is a tremendously valuable mash area with primal forests, subtropical plans, peat bogs and swamps, as well as multitude of animal species, particularly birds. Today, it is difficult to find in Europe a temple of nature that would be as large and intact! Immerse in it and experience it with all your senses – smell, listen, and taste. You can cruise the delta in a special boat, and in addition to enjoying the nature, you can visit a few villages that can be accessed by water only! If you wish, you can rent accommodation for the night here and try the unusual lifestyle! Maybe you will even decide to go on fishing in a kayak with the local fishermen?

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view of the Romanian Danube





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