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Atmospheric towns, picturesque vineyards, stunning palaces, unforgettable views… There are plenty of attractions near Stuttgart. Rent a car and go on an unforgettable tour around the neighbourhood of the capital of Baden-Württemberg!

Württemberg Hill - in memory of the beloved wife

Stuttgart's south-eastern suburbs are dominated by the Württemberg Hill, a captivating natural elevation whose slopes are all covered by picturesque vineyards and fruit orchards. Situated on the top of the hill is the burial chapel, or Grabkapelle, commissioned by King Wilhelm I of Württemberg to commemorate his second wife, Catherine Pavlovna Romanova, a sister of the Great Prince Konstantin and Tsar Alexander I. The mausoleum reminds classical Italian villas of the Palladian style. Not surprisingly, as it was designed by Italian architect Giovanni Salucci. Despite its sad purpose, the chapel is impressive in terms of elegant and harmonious form, particularly in combination with the wonderful view of the neighbouring nature.

Esslingen - wine, coffee and a romantic castle

Many more attractions await you in the neighbourhood of Stuttgart, such as… delicious coffee in the gorgeous Old Town in Esslingen! With its nicely preserved buildings typical of the German small town architecture, the Old Town is undoubtedly one of the region's greatest destinations. Take a seat in the charming town hall square and relish the magnificent view of rows of townhouses, the town hall and Stadtkirche St. Dionys (the Parich Church of St. Dionysius) with its characteristic bridge between the towers. But this is not where surprises end! Climb the nearby hill, where you can see the remains of a castle with a vast system of defence walls. It is one of the best vantage point with a view of the town. And those vineyards covering the slopes… a true delight for your eyes! Fancy a glass of chilled white wine?

View of the town of Esslingen near Stuttgart

Gerlingen - according to the best designs

Gerlingen is another charming town in the outskirts of Stuttgart. Its greatest treasure is the beautiful 18th century Rococo Solitude Palace, whose shape and form remind Potsdam's Sanssouci Palace. You can come here by car, spread a blanket and stare at the gently undulating neighbourhood. It is the most delightful when the late afternoon transforms into the early evening. Can you see those changing colours?





Ludwigsburg Palace - in the shadow of Versaille

If you feel like visiting yet another aristocratic residence, the neighbourhood of Stuttgart offers Germany's largest Baroque Palace - the Ludwisburg Palace. Its construction was started in 1704 by Prince Eberhard of Württemberg, who envied... Paris Versaille! The complex will surely impress you with its scale, noble proportions, rich decorations and partially preserved interiors. Don't forget to have a look at the palace's beautiful Baroque French gardens arranged in floral carpets. Before you leave, visit the little palace Favorita, which once served as a summer residence and hunting lodge. It looks most beautiful in winter - notice the contrasting white and intensive yellow colours!

Ludwigsburg Palace near Stuttgart

Maulbronn Monastery - behind the walls of a Medieval fortress

The neighbourhood of Stuttgart is all about castles and palaces? Far from it! Among the greatest attractions near Stuttgart, a modern, vibrant and trend-setting city, include the old, mighty and majestic Maulbronn Monastery. Dating back to the 12th century, the Romanesque-Gothic complex is one of the oldest Medieval monasteries north of the Alps. Crossing its walls, you may be surprised to see a site that resembles a large castle or a small town rather than a typical example of Cistercian architecture. Its enormity corresponds with extraordinary simplicity, a sign of the strict rule of the Order. However, despite its "audacity", the monastery remains remarkably elegant and beautiful, which gives you an opportunity to feel like a character from a novel whose plot takes place centuries ago.

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