Places to see and visit in the vicinity of Zadar

Tourists bathing in transparent waters in Krka Park

Family holidays in Croatia are always an excellent choice. The neighbourhood of Zadar will give you many opportunities to spend time in an interesting way, have carefree fun in water, be physically active and have contact with beautiful nature.


In the surroundings of Zadar there are the mountains which provide background for the seaside cities, rivers like Zrmanja, which forms a picturesque canyon, the Paklenica National Park, the Krka national Park and the Novigradsko More Bay are Northern Dalmatia's most beautiful places. Enjoy the untamed nature, and the views and experiences you will get in the process will be etched in your memory for good! You can climb, swim, walk, or just sightsee. It is entirely up to you how actively you will spend your time there! And remember, Croatia is not only the sea. There are also many beautiful lakes, the largest of which is Vransko, situated 25 km from Zadar.

View of mountains and nature in Paklenica Park


Holidays in Croatia mean, naturally, beaches with access to crystal-clear water. And there are plenty of those in the Northern Dalmatia. The region's capital, Zadar, which is famous for magnificent historic monuments, also has some scenic beaches. You must pop into its leisure and entertainment district Borik! The local beaches are mainly gravel, but you can find some sandy ones as well. In one of them a Blue Flag is raised, and the gently descending bottom is ideal for small children.


As is normal for an island country, also here there are many smaller and bigger islands scattered along the coast, the most stunning of those is, of course, the Kornaty Archipelago, with "edges" around its islands formed by white rocks, cliffs and beaches. In addition, tourist can also choose the little known islands of Ugljan and Pašman, and Dugi Otok farther away. From Zadar, you must go to the island of Pag. Connected with the mainland by bridge, it is often referred to as "a moon island" because of its very rough landscape that makes it very different from its Adriatic colleagues. When visiting in, try the local delicacy – pašky ser. If you have a sailor, diver, surfer or a water sport fan in four family, the islands will offer them perfect conditions for great fun in addition to the stunning views.

view of the Zadar





Cities and towns

When in the neighbourhood of Zadar, visit Biograd na Moru, a city famous for the crowning ceremony of the Croatian-Hungarian King Koloman in 1102, and also for its excellent tourist infrastructure, beautiful beaches and promenades. Simply put, it is a perfect destination for family holidays in Croatia. The same holds true for Nin. The city also played an important role in the history of the Croatian state, and today it will amaze you with its tiny and charming old town, a beach with a view of the mountains, a salina in which you can watch how salt is produced, a muddy beach which serves as an outdoors SPA. When in Nin, pop in the nearby Vir, where the ruins of a large castle rise straight from a beautiful beach. If you have more time on your hands, go to the town of Sibenik, a beautifully situated city with a cathedral that features in the UNESCO List, multitude of atmospheric streets and alleys, and a fortress offering a spectacular view of the area.

Family madness

If get bored by what the region has to offer, you don't need to worry. The area of Zadar is dynamically growing in terms of tourist facilities. With tourists on mind, a huge Fun Park Mirnovec has been opened recently in Biograd na Moru. Your all family will have the time of their lives there. The best recommendation for the site is that it is sometimes called the Croatian Gardaland.

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