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Kosovo - Europe's youngest country

Here you will experience real, commercial-free life! Kosovo is a beautiful country with a turbulent history, intriguing and surprising at every turn. The very capital of Kosovo, Pristina, will wow you with its fabulous atmosphere from the days of the Ottoman Empire. The Sultan Mehmed Mosque, the Grand Hammam and the bustling city bazaar are places that will provide you with the most beautiful holiday memories. A slightly quieter atmosphere awaits you in Prizren - Kosovo's greatest monuments are related to the spiritual sphere, so you can't miss the place that brings together the region's two largest religions, Orthodoxy and Islam. Extremely picturesque location in a valley surrounded by mountains evokes awe in every tourist, especially at sunset. Phenomenal nature can never be enough, so don't forget to visit the Peja Monastery at the foot of the Damned Mountains and Gjakove with its Great Market, where you'll find local crafts and taste authentic Balkan cuisine. And when you crave a bit of peace and quiet, the UNESCO-listed Visoki Decani Monastery will allow you to indulge in reverie and peek into Kosovo's rich history.

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