Embraer 175

Embraer 175 is a slightly longer version of the narrow-body jet Embraer 170. In our fleet, it is used for domestic and long-distance flights. Thanks to efficient and effective engines, this airplane meets strict noise standards, and the raised wing tips – the so-called winglets – reduce air resistance, which permits to reduce fuel consumption. Embraer 175 takes up to 82 passengers on board. In 2010, two Embraer 175 planes from our fleet were chartered along with cabin crew to carry the most influential Polish leaders.

The high-performance and efficient engines comply with the most rigorous noise standards, allowing this aircraft to fly to major airports in Europe and world-wide. Despite its regional character, travellers have a spacious cabin and large hand luggage compartments at their disposal to substantially improve the comfort of travel.

Key advantages:

- comfortable seats with adjustable headrests
- 2 + 2 seat configuration, no middle seats

Embraer 175 - Seat Plan

Specification Value
Length 31,68 m
Height 9,67 m
Wingspan 26 m
Fuselage diameter 3,01 m
Maximum take-off mass 38 790 kg
Number of seats 82
Aircraft engine 2x GE CF34-8E turbofans
Cruising speed 871 km/h
Range 3 300 km
Maximum fuel 9 335 kg
Operational ceiling 12 500 m
Number of items 15


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