It's who you travel with! On 15 September 2023, LOT Polish Airlines launches a new image campaign

After many years of absence, we are returning with an image campaign. This is an important event for the company, which, after a difficult time during the pandemic, has redefined the direction of the LOT brand and is in the process of strengthening its business position.

Building brand awareness

LOT Polish Airlines is investing in new technologies, the development of its in-flight product, fleet and route network, as well as in employer branding activities. The company conducted marketing analyses that redefined the competitive environment, customer segmentation and brand positioning. This work demonstrated a new brand direction based on values relevant to building brand image and awareness, as well as passenger and employee loyalty.

...because what matters is who you travel with!

LOT Polish Airlines is not just a carrier, but a true companion for making travel dreams come true, providing passengers with what is most important in travelling: comfort and safety. That is why ‘it’s who you travel with' is the watchword of this campaign. Our aim was to build a story from the perspective of our customers, to present a brand that is cheerful, emotionally engaging and cares about relationships with passengers. In the campaign, we wanted to emphasise the uniqueness of the travel experience so strongly that we want to share it with the next generation. Another aim of the campaign is to present the brand as a force for good, making our dreams of flying and discovering the world come true. The brand's legacy of bringing generations together is a significant element. 

- Ewa Lampart, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications Department 

Many months of work

The production of the campaign is the result of several months of work by the team at the LOT Polish Airlines Marketing Office and a huge realisation challenge. The footage was created over the course of three days of shooting, two of which were shot on our Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. The crew, including members of our cabin crew: Dorota Żuchaj, Magdalena Boruć, Martyna Gradusiak, Emilia Szmolke and Natan Kubal numbered nearly 100 people. We invite everyone to watch TV, cinemas and the Internet. Let everyone find in this campaign a piece of history that concerns their personal experiences related to traveling.

- Iwona Bańka-Czech, Head of Brand Promotion Department

What media will we be campaigning in?

The campaign covers traditional media and digital communication channels. We will be seen on TV, cinema, online, press, outdoor and digital channels. In addition to Poland, the campaign will also run in markets important to us, i.e. Germany, North America and South Korea. We have chosen high-reach media and media best suited to the target group. With the campaign, we will also be present in our own media, e.g. on

- Dominika Zachariasz, Head of Operational Marketing Department

Watch our campaign!