The most beautiful Polish cities

Autumn panorama of Warsaw

Poland's most beautiful cities amaze visitors with their architecture and location, and temp with a wide variety of attractions and regional delicacies. Kraków, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Olsztyn and Wrocław are perfect destinations for a weekend outing – a city break does not have to mean travelling abroad.

Wrocław - the European Capital of Culture

The fact that Poland's most beautiful cities are by no means inferior to foreign destinations is best evidenced by the title of the European Capital of Culture held proudly by the vibrant city of Wrocław. Picturesquely criss-crossed by rivers and canals, Wrocław is also among Top 10 European cities in terms of the number of bridges. Its romantic appeal is enhanced even further by the colourful townhouses and gas-fired street lamps that light the cobbled streets of Ostrów Tumski, the oldest part of the city. Sculptures of dwarves scattered around Wrocław commemorate prominent people and important events from the city's history, or highlight noteworthy social phenomena.

Wrocław's attractions which you will not find in any other city in Poland include the stunningly beautiful Japanese Garden and Hydropolis, an interactive centre of science and knowledge of water. You must see Wrocław.

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panorama of Wroclaw





Gdańsk – the most beautiful city at the seaside

Looking for ideas for a weekend in Poland, you must see Gdańsk – the heart of the Tri-City, a gem of architecture, and a gateway to the Baltic Sea. This fabulous port city, the seaside's finest, will appeal to history fans, travelling gourmets, relaxation lovers and nature enthusiasts. Mariacka, the most famous street in Gdańsk, will amaze everyone - you can admire the intricate ornaments of its historic merchant townhouses for hour on end, just like impressive sailing ships moored near Długie Pobrzeże.


When in Gdańsk, we recommend visiting the European Solidarity Centre, housed in a very original building that resembled a rusty hull of a ship, and have a walk down "the road to eternity", i.e. an avenue of trimmed lime trees in the Oliwski Park. Don't forget a souvenir photo at the Neptune's Fountain, a symbol of Gdańsk.

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View of the city from a bird's eye view in Gdańsk





Olsztyn – a city of 16 lakes

Our list of Poland's most beautiful cities would not be complete without the picturesquely situated capital of Warmia and Masuria – Olsztyn. An ideal plan for sightseeing? A walk down cobbled streets of the city's charming Old Town. You must visit the famous High Gate, then visit the Castle of the Warmian Cathedral Chapter, spend a while in the Podzamcze Park (known also as Zamkowy Park), and definitely have craft ice cream in the Old Town Market Square. Finally, you can visit one of Olsztyn's city beaches, where you can swim, play beach volleyball, take a paddle boat cruise or simply enjoy nature from the perspective of your comfy deckchair.

In Olsztyn there is Poland second largest planetarium, built to commemorate Nicolaus Copernicus, who wrote his most famous work "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres" in this very city.

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View of the port in Olsztyn at sunset





Polish capitals: Kraków and Warsaw

Metropolitan Warsaw and historic Kraków – two capitals of Poland, two beautiful cities with completely different atmospheres. Both are worth a visit.

Krakow enchants visitors with legends, historic Old Town and the artistic quarter of Kazimierz. Wawel, St. Mary's Church, Cloth Hall, Kościuszko Mound are places which you definitely must see. It is also worth to visit the salt mine in Wieliczka near Kraków.

Warsaw will astonish you with the multitude of attractions. It is entirely up to you how you choose to experience this extraordinary city. You can have a romantic walk on the alleys of the Royal Baths Park, admire art in the Zachęta Gallery or the Centre for Contemporary Art, or have a close encounter with history in the one-of-a-kind Warsaw Rising Museum? Also, you can have good fun in the casual and pleasant Neon Museum. And this is just a tiny bit of what Warsaw has in store for you.

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krakow market square after dark









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