Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP), located 48 km northwest of Milan, is one of three airports serving the city. Malpensa is also the second-busiest airport in Italy in terms of passengers served, with just under 29 million travelers using its services in 2019.

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Transfer from the airport

As a large international airport, Malpensa offers a range of transfer options. In the close vicinity of the Milan Airport terminal, there are bus and coach stops, a train station, as well as a cab rank. Milan Malpensa is located near the A4 and A8 highways, so you can also conveniently reach the airport by car. Malpensa offers as many as 6 parking lots for cars, where you can find a total number of 10,000 spaces!

Amenities for travellers

At the Milan Airport you will find all the amenities typical for such a large facility: ATMs, currency exchange facilities, luggage storage, a pharmacy or travel agencies. Waiting for your flight will be made more pleasant by a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and brand-name stores. Passengers accustomed to premium standards, meanwhile, have several elegant VIP lounges and concierge service at their disposal. There are Sheraton and Moxy hotels and a conference room at the Airport. Facing a night at the airport and don't feel like booking a hotel room? Malpensa Airport offers private sleeping cabins for rent.