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Milan - a romantic city full of elegance

There is a good reason to book a flight to Milan. Like in whole Italy, you will find there the most spectacular sights from different centuries. This is where the famous "Last Supper" by da Vinci is, and where you can see the Duomo Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. You must climb its bell tower to admire the panorama of the city. Visitors seeking beauty will find collections of Italian art, thousands of frescos and paintings, and charming alleys. But apart from art, one needs some food, and everything tastes better in Milan! Taste a risotto milanese in a place with a view of the Arch of Peace, take a cup of coffee in one of the world's most beautiful shopping galleries, and don't forget about the original Italian gelato! Speaking of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, remember to spin three times on the mosaic floor with the symbol of Turin bull – people say it brings good luck! Don't hesitate, just book a flight to Milan today!

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