What to bring when traveling with children

Young family at the airport

Traveling with small children does not have to mean several suitcases and extra bags. All you need is your carry-on baggage, which everyone is entitled to regardless of the type of ticket, and you can comfortably pack the most important things and enjoy your trip without extra weight.

If you are traveling in Economy Class, your carry-on baggage includes:

  • a suitcase or bag with the dimensions 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm, with a weight of 8 kg; 
  • a woman’s or man’s bag or laptop bag (max. 2 kg, dimensions 4 cm x 35 cm x 12 cm);
  • an extra bag with the essential utensils (e.g. special food) for an infant under 2.

Remember that your child is also entitled to carry-on baggage, as well as a folding pram and/or car seat! You can find more information in the Ticket for a child section

How to pack carry-on baggage when flying with a child for a few days’ holidays?

  • Appropriately for the weather, minimise the amount of clothes and leave a little more room for your child’s clothes, which are more likely to get dirty.
  • Put all cosmetics such as shampoo, cream and tanning lotion into mini bottles that do not exceed 100 ml.
  • Sometimes it can get quite cold on the plane. Bring along your child’s favourite blanket or dress them in layers so you can remove them in the event of temperature changes.
  • If you are travelling with an infant under 2 years, you can bring along larger amounts of liquids and food for your little one. The cabin crew will be happy to heat the food for you. When traveling on a long-haul flight (e.g. to the United States), book a special meal for your children LOT Contact Centre.  
  • Pack an adequate supply of hygiene items, such as nappies and wet wipes. Think about bringing a reusable tetra cloth nappy, which takes up less space and can be used as a washcloth, a small blanket or a bib, and which can come in handy during changing.
  • Bring your child’s favourite toys. Your little one will receive special gifts on board, but nothing can replace a beloved stuffed animal. 
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