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Do your employees travel a lot in business? Benefit from your travels!

The LOT Dla Firm programme is a business loyalty programme for people who run a company. With the programme you can use the maximum of your travel budget - all you need to do is fly with LOT. As part of the LOT Dla Firm programme you can earn Points for every business travel with LOT and spend them for valuable awards:
  • Flight awards
  • Upgrade
  • Hotel stays
  • LOT Business Lounge “Polonez” or “Mazurek” access
  • My Extra Baggage
  • Discount coupon for AirKiosk.LOT
  • My Premium Menu
Different statuses are avaiable as part of the programme. The more you fly with LOT the more privileges you have. For every flight you receive Premium Points which can be spend on awards and you also earn Status Points and gain higher levels. There are 4 statuses: Start, Blue, Silver and Gold.

For a start you company will get 2000 Welcome Premium Points and you earn Points for all LOT flights from 6 months before registration.

Every flight is bringing you closer to savings. 

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