Chemical Testing Unit of LOT Polish Airlines

Our services

Fast developing air transport resulting in the intensification of conducted air operations and raising the awareness of carriers and aircraft owners requires that participants of the aviation market shall have access to specialized tests and professional research equipment. With the above mentioned, it is possible to ensure an appropriate level of security.

With a desire to meet the needs of the market, the Chemical Testing Unit of LOT Polish Airlines offers a wide range of laboratory services for the aviation sector. Our services include an extensive spectrum of analytical tests for all types of aircrafts, as well as helicopters. The laboratory analysis is conducted in compliance with “state-of-art”; the sample is examined with regard to the possibility of the occurrence of certain problems. An experienced team is committed to provide precise and reliable test results.

The Laboratory offers the following tests:

  • Physicochemical and microbiological tests of potable water
  • Physicochemical and microbiological tests of fuels
  • Physicochemical tests of oils
  • Physicochemical tests of hydraulic fluids
  • Physicochemical tests of deicing /anti-icing fluids


Our clients

Apart from meeting the needs of LOT Polish Airlines, the Laboratory offers its services of physicochemical and microbiological tests to external companies. Such services are addressed first of all to:

  • Companies dealing with aviation fuels distribution
  • Handling companies
  • Aircraft operators
  • Laboratories and research institutions
  • External clients not related to aviation