Milan for children - 6 best attractions for families

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Can a landlocked region be a good idea for holidays with children? But of course! Both Milan itself and its neighbourhood offer top-flight fun and attractions. And for the whole family too.

Discover the world with Leonardo

If you like the idea of learning through fun, you must visit an extraordinary science centre in Milan before you and your kids delve into the world of carefree pastime. Don't worry about the nippers' disappointed faces. The museum in question is far from boring. In fact, it offers a vast field for discovering the world. Since the region of Lombardy is associated with Leonardo da Vinci, a lot of attention has been paid to the master's innovative and original ideas.

Leolandia – pure joy

Travelling from Milan in the general direction of Bergamo? You must go to; Leolandia, a theme park that offers you a day packed with good fun. There are countless attractions for different age groups, so neither younger nor older children will be disappointed. You will have an opportunity to meet some cartoon characters as well as magicians, fortune tellers and wizards of various sorts. Also, you must go on a tour around Italy – in its Minitalia section, the park has 160 miniatures of the country's most interesting historic monuments.


Holidays at Lake Garda? You are not going to complain about boredom, but if you fancy a change from activities in the lake, you can always take you family to the Gardaland amusement park. It's going to be a delightful time not only for your kids! In the park, everything has been divided into three thematic groups: "Fantasy", i.e. merry-go-rounds for the youngest children; "Adventure", i.e. entertainment for older kids; and "Adrenaline", i.e. adrenalin rush for teenagers and adults. The area offers also some kayaking opportunities, the Legoland Water Park, and the SEA LIFE aquarium, where you can see many species of marine wildlife from all over the globe in their natural habitats skilfully arranged in giant water tanks.

Piazza del Duomo in Milan






Aqua Paradise is the largest water park at Lake Garda, where you can have fun, but also rest in a relaxation zone that resembles a tropical island. What else has been prepared for you there? The park's attractions include Movieland Studios, where you can feel as if you are taking part in an action film, and a castle which will take you back in time to the Middle Ages and where you will see some Medieval knight fights.

Palio in Vigevano

If your kids are interested in history, then palio will come to their liking (and to yours as well!). The most famous palio takes place Siena, but its version organised in October in the charming town of Vigevano is also picturesque. Equestrian shows are the dish of the day, but before them you will see a number of historical re-enactments and spectacles. The streets of the town see some festive parades, during which you can meet Duke Francesco I Sforza himself. On top of that, you can also watch shows by jugglers, clowns, storytellers, archers, blacksmiths, dancers and warriors.

Skiing in Lombardia

Winter holidays in Milan? Winter with kids in Lombardy is also en excellent idea! When you come there with children, it's best to choose Ponte di Legno - Passo del Tonale in the province of Brescia, within the bounds of the dell’Adamello Park. Skiing families can use services of highly qualified instructors who will teach the basics to the beginners and help the more advanced refine their skills. Children interested mainly in having fun will have a wonderful time in the "Fantaski" amusement park with its numerous attractions, including a sledding run.

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