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panorama of Santorini

Holidays on the Greek islands

Santorini – a picturesque visit card of Greece

Here are some of the reasons why Santorini means the best holidays in Greece. This island is one of the best places to stay go for holidays. It has deep traditional Greek roots, breathtaking views wherever you go and it is famous for its unique flavours. There are many romantic sceneries and lots of natural landscapes. Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of the island is the fact that the traditional architecture of most villages remained unchanged until today. The streets are narrow and at every corner of the street you can admire some amazing tenement houses in bright colours. A true paradise for all enthusiasts of photography. If you dream about spending holidays on an island, you just have to come here! 

One of the most popular villages at Santorini is Oia, which is worth visiting especially at sunset. Fira, considered as the capital and the main city, is the tourist centre of the island. It also features a port to which we can get by stairs, going down as many as 587 steps. In Aktrori you will find some ancient excavations. In turn, the least tourist-affected site is Megalochori. The island also offers you some more wild areas, where you can go on foot or on a horse excursion. Santorini has 13 vineyards, each offering a different approach to wine. The tour will give you even more taste of the island.

Don't forget to try local products coming straight from the farms. We particularly recommend that you try different salads made from the locally grown ingredients. Don’t miss dishes such as saganaki, i.e. fried cheese or spanakopiya - a cake with spinach filling, as well as kerthedes - Greek meatballs in tomato sauce.  Don't forget about the beaches that are numerous at Santorini. The most popular of them are Perissa and Monolithos. Some beaches are simply sections of bare sand, but they offer you more calm than the sites located close to the hotels. A romantic candlelit dinner in such natural circumstances is an excellent way to finish the day. 

Also, take a trip to the volcano, which once destroyed everything on the island of Nea Kameni around 1613 BC. It is thanks to the volcano that you can now bathe in hot springs, which are a natural jacuzzi. You can get there by boat which leaves from the port in Fira. Having a stop here, do immerse yourself in water, you will relax and regenerate yourself for sure. 

Italian holidays

What island to choose for holidays? Sardinia, of course!

Sardinia is an island located in the Mediterranean, west of the Italian coast, which attracts with a unique blend of ancient culture and breathtaking views. Here, you can relax on a white beach and wade through the clean, turquoise water. You will dive surrounded by colourful fishes in the nearby bays, but also discover traditional villages in the interior, watching shepherds caring for their herds. The majority of the most interesting places in Sardinia are located on the coast.

Sardinian coast

When in Sardinia, go to Cala Mariolu, a stone beach divided into large calcareous rocks. The waters surrounding the shore offer barely every shade of blue, and the hidden bay will make you feel like in a hidden paradise. You can rent diving equipment on-site and swim in the beautiful natural surroundings. 

Parco Nazionale dell'Archipelago di La Maddalena is an archipelago of islands scattered by the north-east coast of Sardinia. The islands make up a national park since 1994 and are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the diversity of marine and plant life. We recommend you to visit them due to extraordinary rock formations, snow-white beaches, as well as the blue-green waters of the Mediterranean. These islands are reminiscent of the Caribbean thanks to their culture, food and beauty. It is a true paradise with a crystal clear sea.

It is not possible not to mention the rocky harbor of Capo Testa on the northern cape of Sardinia. It is perfect for hiking and shooting photos. The nearby Faro di Capo Testa lighthouse will enable you to take some amazing pictures.

Costa Smeralda, or the region which is one of the most beautiful in Sardinia is full of miracles such as Porto Cervo. This port village with paved streets offers luxurious shops and beaches with mild water such as Capriccioli.

When visiting Costa Smeralda, you will be charmed by the local coastal landscape.  If you're a fan of history, don’t miss Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which tells the story of the island in chronological order through a number of works of art and artifacts. You can see here the bronze statues from 1800 BC, soaring sculptures made from sandstone (known as Giganti di Mont'e Prama) created by the Nuragic civilization, busts for the Roman times, and much more. 






Holidays in Spain

Pearl of Balearics - Mallorca

Mallorca is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to which you can get by plane in less than three hours. It is the largest and most popular island of the archipelago of Balearics. The wild nature fits perfectly into the historic architecture of cities surrounded by the paradise-like coast. It is also associated with unforgettable parties lasting until the early morning and a whole range of water sports that you can enjoy there. These advantages attract tourists from all over Europe to spend their holidays here.

Beautiful views on the way on the island of Majorca

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the largest city and the capital of the island. It will delight you with its architecture, multitude of monuments and the magnificent port. You will also find here wide and long beaches, as well as nice weather that attracts many tourists. What else could you need? Balearics are perfect islands for holidays.

Beautiful beaches and small bays

Most tourists visit Mallorca mainly attracted by the multitude of beautiful beaches that can be found here. From large sites to intimate bays with water reflecting several shades of blue, they all make a stunning impression. The distance between them is sometimes reflect only a few minutes’ walk. Platja de Palma and Cala Mayor are closest to the centre. Cala Agulla is a beach located between the rocky coast and the forest, recommended especially for families with children. The water close to the beach is quite shallow and crystal clear. Cala Mondrago are two bays surrounded by rocks covered by a pine forest, and the azure blue water between them. Es Trenc, on the other hand, looks like a purely Caribbean beach. Located among pine trees, it attracts with white sand and turquoise water. Both tourists and families with children will feel good here. Cala Millor, in literal translation means ‘the best bay’. You could hardly find a better description for it. Celadon water, gold sand and huge mountains in the background attract tourists from all over Europe. It is also the most popular holiday resort in the east of Mallorca. There is a rental of deckchairs and water equipment on site. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants located along the nearby promenade.

Thanks to its diversity, Mallorca gives a lot of reasons to explore the island. One of the monuments which are surely worth seeing is the La Seu cathedral, one of the most beautiful Gothic temples in Europe and the nearby La Almudaina Royal Palace, which is a combination of Gothic and Muslim art. History lovers can discover the history if the city and the island in the Mallorca Museum. Along with the port, you will find the four-kilometer-long Paseo Maritimo promenade, which is always full of life. You can also go to the charming town of Soller, known as the true pearl of Mallorca.

On the occasion of your vacation in Mallorca, plan a trip to one of the numerous caves on the island. The most popular is Cuevas del Drach, where you can take a cruise to the underground lake.

Thanks to the extensive offer of cycling routes, Mallorca is a great destination for bicycle lovers. Fans of hiking, in turn, can go on on of the perfectly prepared trails, for example along the Serra Tramuntana mountain range. The island which is so abundant in charming bays and wide beaches, offers excellent conditions for water sports. You can reach the charming bays and admire the cliffs and caves by kayak. The southern and eastern coasts are rich in underwater life. You can see there the multicolour fishes, sponges and a lot of other representatives of wildlife. It is also a paradise for lovers of windsurfing and sailing. 

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