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Bosnia and Herzegovina - the true heart of the Balkans

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the last wild corners of Europe. Bypassed by the tourist crowds, it still impresses with its unspoilt nature and unique monuments that you won't find anywhere else. For starters, visit Sarajevo - the country's capital is a true cultural melting pot! Situated in the picturesque valley of the Miljacki river and surrounded by high mountains, it attracts visitors with its historic Old Town with the Gazi Husrev-bega mosque, the Sebilj fountain and traditional restaurants. A visit to Mostar, where you'll find a masterpiece of 16th-century engineering, the Old Bridge surrounded by beautiful post-Turkic buildings, is equally impressive. You will also encounter classic Ottoman architecture, and an equally spectacular bridge, in Visegrad, a city that is a symbol of the connection between West and East. If you are a lover of nature and a peaceful holiday, Bosnia and Herzegovina will attract you with its spectacular views in the Sutjeska National Park, a fabulous landscape with the Kravica waterfalls and a coastline of several metres with the town of Neum as the only one with access to the Adriatic Sea. Here you will experience true relaxation and take a break from the summer heat!

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