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Türkiye, the anteroom of great history

Troy, Miletus, Ephesus, Ararat – visiting Türkiye is the best history lesson you can get! Travel through ancient lands and absorb the magical atmosphere of sites that appear in the ancestors' stories. For a start, visit Istanbul, one of the world's largest and oldest cities. Formerly the capital of the Roman Empire, Istanbul is now a true star of Orient! Its splendour can be found in the Church of Hagia Sophia, the Grand Bazaar and magnificent views of the Bosphorus. You will find some more extraordinary landscapes in Cappadocia – monasteries, churches and houses carved from rocks make up an out-of-this-world scenery! Want some more? Visit Pamukkale with its beautiful limestone terraces, and Hierapolis, Cleopatra's most favourite bath resort. Get carried away by blissful relaxation in the traditional hammam and choose flights to Türkiye!

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