Annex No. 3 To The Regulations For The Provision Of Electronically Supplied Services of 1 April 2014 – ”Terms for the provision of the ”TIME2THINK” special service”.

1.    The TIME2THINK service is a paid service enabling temporary booking of an air ticket under the terms of the fare applied to a given flight and route.

2.    The Service is available only on selected routes and at selected fares, with the proviso that the Service may be unavailable during special actions and promotions organized by PLL LOT.

3.    The Service guarantees the constancy of the price of an air ticket for a given flight for the duration of the booking, provided that the air ticket is purchased in the booking period.

4.    If the ticket is not purchased in the booking period, the booking will be cancelled without having to repay the Service fee.

5.    The Service allows booking of an air ticket for 24, 48 or 72 hours. The length of the booking period is determined by each airfare applied to a given flight and route.

6.    Only one booking may be created for a given flight. In the case of creation of more than one booking for the same flight, only the first booking will be maintained, and the remaining ones will be cancelled.

7.    The Service fee is charged from each passenger, with the exception of infants (0-2 years), for which the Service is free.

8.    The Service fee is not included in the price of an air ticket.