General Cargo


General cargo is shipment that do not require special transport conditions and dedicated ground handling services. Our offer for standard shipments are based on an extensive national, European and constantly developing long-haul network connections.

We have created for General Cargo 3 levels of service: SMART, SELECT, SUPER.

The SMART option is standard transport, offered on the entire LOT Cargo network at attractive rates, without a guarantee of departure in accordance with the booking and fully dependent on the available capacity on flights.

The SELECT option is an expedited transport, offered only on the long-haul network within the available capacity on a flight on a priority service. This is the transport of shipments with a higher priority than the SMART service.

The SUPER Express service option, is express transport, offered on the entire LOT Cargo network, guaranteeing a place on the first possible connection, with a guarantee of departure, regardless of the available capacity.

General Cargo

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