LOT Cargo offers a wide range of specialized training courses for air cargo handling, among them: 

  • IATA DGR For persons accepting dangerous goods for transport 
  • IATA DGR For those preparing dangerous goods for transport 
  • IATA Lithium batteries  
  • IATA Biological/infectious materials
  • IATA TCR Handling of pharmaceutical shipments in air transport. 
  • IATA LAR Transport of live animals 

All training courses are conducted by instructors with specialized knowledge, skills and experience in the topics and issues discussed. 

DGR training programs are in accordance with IATA DGR and EASA-OPS and are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Courses are conducted in classroom and e-learning formats in the form of lectures, demonstrations and exercises.

The IATA DGR (Transport of Dangerous Goods) training course.

We invite you to training courses for personnel who accept dangerous goods for air transport and for those who are responsible for preparing dangerous goods for air transport.

Our training programs are notified and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and instructors are on the list of ULC instructors.

The upcoming training dates are:

  • 20-22 February
  • 20-22 March
  • 24-26 April

For more information, reservations and training dates:

Tel: +48 536 364 073