Species protection of red-crowned cranes in Gdansk and Wroclaw

As part of the Destination ECO program, aimed at reducing the impact of aviation on the environment, we took an important initiative - we took care of red-crowned (o Manchurian) cranes in zoos in Gdansk and Wroclaw!

Manchurian crane from the Wrocław Zoo

Which areas do red-crowned cranes inhabit?

Red-crowned cranes are a rare species of bird from the crane family that mainly inhabits:

  • Northeast China, 
  • Japan, 
  • Russia,
  • Korea. 

The Wrocław and Gdańsk Zoos are two of the three zoos in Poland with breeding programs for Manchurian cranes. As a result, the species has a chance to survive and thrive, despite the dangers of habitat loss and being hunted.

In Poland, red-crowned cranes are bred only in zoos.

Red-crowned (Manchurian) cranes in Polish zoos

The Wroclaw Zoo is home to two Manchurian cranes - a pair of adult birds that lived to see an offspring last year. Did you know that cranes are pair-living animals that bond for life? The youngest bird recently left the nest and was transferred to another zoo.

The Gdansk Zoo is currently home to a pair of adult cranes, which two years ago gave birth to two sons. The youngest birds have already gone to other zoos, where they have started their adult lives.

Flock of Manchurian cranes, Wrocław Zoo

Saving red-crowned cranes - why is it so important?

Species conservation in zoos is extremely important for preserving biodiversity. Zoos conduct breeding programs to restore populations, conduct scientific research, and educate the public about species diversity and the dangers of its decline.

For many years, we have been active in nature conservation and have implemented projects related to wetland revitalization, crane habitat protection or measures to reduce carbon emissions.

Adopting red-crowned cranes is a step towards supporting biodiversity and taking action to protect endangered animal species. By taking this type of action, we want to draw attention to the importance of cooperation between different institutions and the involvement of business in activities aimed at protecting nature. We also emphasize the importance of educational activities that help build awareness among our passengers.

a plaque that reads "the cranes are taken care of by LOT Polish Airlines S.A.

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