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update: July 7, 2023

Autumn in Poland - where to go? 5 ideas for offseason holidays

The end of summer is the time... for planning autumn trips! Off-season vacations have their own charm - it's cheaper, quieter, without crowds of tourists, but with pleasant temperatures and breathtaking views. Landscapes bathed in warm hues of reds, yellows and oranges offer real color therapy. After all, this is the golden Polish autumn! From the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains, from the east to the west border - you will find plenty of attractions everywhere. 

Bieszczady mountains, Masuria, or maybe the Baltic Sea? Discover 5 ideas for vacations in Poland in autumn!

From this article, you'll learn:

  • Where is worth going in autumn in Poland?
  • Where can you find the most beautiful hiking trails?
  • In which region of Poland can you try fishing?
  • Where is the Polish capital of wine?
  • Which monuments of Wroclaw are worth seeing?

1. Beautiful Bieszczady Mountains in autumn

Floors of lush unspoiled vegetation, extensive forest cover and rocky staircases, plus quite a few monuments of wooden architecture - the Bieszczady Mountains are highly recommended for an autumn vacation! You don't have to drop everything, just a few days surrounded by wild nature is enough to gain distance from the world and look at reality from a completely different perspective. Here the concept of space takes on a deeper meaning, especially on the hiking trails. It's nearly 2,000 kilometers covering gentle trails and paths running through the highlands, as well as more challenging trails with long approaches of varying difficulty. The most popular ones lead to Small and Big Rawka, Połonina Caryńska and Wetlinska, from which on a clear day you can even see the Tatras! 

Wynajem samochodu

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And this festival of colors, shimmering with all shades of green-yellow-red palette... Bieszczady Mountains in autumn are a paradise for photographers, so bring your camera and saturate your eyes with magnificent views! Thanks to comfortable flight connections to Rzeszow, they are closer than you think!




Bieszczady Mountains

2. How about autumn at the Baltic Sea?

The sound of the sea, birds singing and the warm rays of the sun is a recipe for the perfect off-season vacation. Poland in autumn looks most beautiful at the Baltic Coast. The windscreens and queues for ice cream disappear, all-embracing tranquility, clean air and beautiful views remain! You can spend your free days in many ways - walking on an empty beach, watching the rippling water or collecting beautiful amber or seashells, thrown up by the sea after autumn storms.


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Late stays by the sea also have a health-promoting effect - in October the air is filled with more iodine, and the surrounding forests emit more essential oils, positively affecting your mood. By the sea, autumn depression does not threaten you! Choose flights to Gdansk and see how beautiful Polish autumn looks in the north of the country!




Baltic Sea by the sunset

3. Masuria - a tranquil autumn vacation

If not the sea and mountains, how about ... Masuria? Masurian lakes take on autumn colors, getting a character resembling the best canvases of impressionist painters. Promenades of tall trees merge colorfully with a field mosaic, interspersed with multicolored heather, aromatic mushrooms and calm lakes shrouded in morning mist. Like the Baltic Sea, it's peaceful, empty and quiet here, simply perfect for enjoying the proximity of unspoiled nature. If you like active recreation, autumn in Masuria is full of attractions, from canoeing, cycling to horseback riding. Or maybe you'll be tempted by a fishing lesson? Apparently, in September and October you can count on great catches! Choose airline tickets to Olsztyn and spend your autumn vacation the way you like it!




Masurian lake

4. Lubuskie vineyards recommended for autumn

An autumn vacation in Poland is a chance to discover new flavors and aromas, including those of high alcohol. Early autumn is the time of the wine harvest, which after a few weeks is replaced by tasting young wine, often combined with various events on the borderline of history, art and culinary. The area around Zielona Gora, located on the Lubuskie Wine and Honey Trail, has the most possibilities. You won't complain of getting bored in the city itself either - in Poland's wine capital you'll find buildings reminiscent of viticulture, such as the Winemaker's House and Wine Hill with Poland's only vineyard located in the city center! Savor wine, taste natural products made from grapes and listen to extraordinary stories about passion and grape growing. Don't wait, just go on an oenotourist journey around Poland




Vineyards near Zielona Góra

5. Autumn Wrocław has its own charm

The most beautiful places in Poland in autumn also show a more modern face. Large cities and bustling metropolises in the low season do not lose their momentum, on the contrary - here life takes on a flavor just in the babi summer! This year we recommend an autumn weekend in the capital of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw's Old Town and Cathedral Island, Raclawice Panorama, Centennial Hall, Japanese Garden... the sights of Wroclaw can be listed endlessly. You are sure to find something for yourself! You will be accompanied on the tour by a group of friendly dwarves - their bronze figurines are set up in different parts of the city, try to find them all! 


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When your search is over, ascend to the last floor of the Sky Tower, from where you will enjoy a fabulous panorama of the city. Unusual views can never be enough, so take a trip to the nearby Książ Castle. In the autumn, it looks extremely dignified, reigning over the multicolored oak and beech forests of the "Gorges below Książ." Who knows, maybe you'll spot the entrance to a magical tunnel with a golden train? After all, the golden Polish autumn is the time when dreams come true. And not only those of tourists!




Gold polish autumn in Wrocław- Old Town

Sea, mountains and large metropolises - no matter what you choose, a vacation in autumn in Poland will always be successful! Take advantage of the last warm days for a sightseeing trip and enjoy the beautiful colorful landscape of the Indian summer! Attention - the golden Polish autumn is addictive!

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