3 cities worth visiting in the Balkans

Albania's attractions - port in Saranda on a sunny day; What to see in the Balkans?

Balkans are an ideal place for your vacation - sunny weather, delicious cuisine and nice people are the main assets of Balkan countries! Visit Montenegro, North Macedonia or Albania and enjoy your time off while swimming in the waters of the Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea. Are you looking forward to it? Visit the Balkans, just like that!

What to see in the Balkans?

Places to visit in Podgorica

View of Podgorica; What to see in the Balkans?

The capital of Montenegro has a rich history and cultural heritage. There are several notable attractions to visit in Podgorica, among others the Millennium Bridge over the Morača River, offering panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. You should also see a medieval Orthodox St. George Church located in the heart of Podgorica, and the National Museum of Montenegro. Looking for a place to rest? Relax in the Central Square surrounded by cafés, restaurants, and shops or go for a walk near to the Skadar Lake, the largest lake in the Balkans. Sounds fun? These are just a few of many attractions that Podgorica has to offer!

Discover the capital of Albania

Tirana, Albania : Skyline of modern Tirana. In background, Mount Dajti; What to see in the Balkans?

Tirana, the capital of Albania, it's must see when travelling through the Balkans. The architecture of the city, combining the influence of the Ottoman empire and the USSR, shows how difficult its history was. In the very centre, you will find the Skanderbeg Square with the equestrian statue of the national hero. The square also features the building of the National Historical Museum and the mosque that hides beautiful mosaics inside. Next to the minaret, there is the clock tower, and next to the river, you can see the mausoleum of the former dictator Enver Hoxha, which looks like a strange pyramid. There is also no shortage of nuclear shelters, which were the obsession of the above-mentioned dictator. You absolutely can't miss those places when you visit Tirana!

Explore the green side of Skopje

Sveti Joakim Osogovski monastery in North Macedonia; What to see in the Balkans?

See the wildlife and beautiful landscapes of North Macedonia. Visit centuries-old monasteries, which are UNESCO heritage sites, and take a look at St. Naum's Monastery. In the summer, drive to the famous Lake Ohrid, and in the winter, stop in Popova Sapka, which has several ski resorts. See the rocky cliffs at Matka Canyon, take a boat ride along the Treska River and admire the spectacular Korab Mountains. In Skopje, which is famous for its many fountains and monuments, smell and taste the Orient! Try meat dishes with ajvar, tava gravche (a traditional dish based on beans and peppers) or sweet Balkan baklava. Also enjoy Macedonian wines and rakija.

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