LOT Business Class on long-haul flights


We have created LOT Business Class with you on our mind - the world's standard of traveling which guarantees the top travel comfort and maximum privacy both in the air and on land.

Book flights to North America, Japan, China, South Korea and Kazakhstan and take advantage of exclusive amenities when you travel on board of Dreamliner

Discover the benefits of traveling in LOT Business Class on long-haul flights

Relax before your travel

Travelling is a real pleasure right from your arrival at the airport. With a LOT Business Class ticket, you have access to Business Lounges at all main airports around the world. Traveling in LOT Business Class, you can have a rest before your flight or find a place to work in comfort. 

Priority service at the airport

As a LOT Business Class passenger, you are eligible for a priority check-in in a dedicated check-in area, fast track processing, and a possibility to board your airplane at any time. You can also be the first to claim your baggage after landing. You are also offered a dedicated premium line in the LOT Contact Center and LOT Transfer Center.

Larger baggage

On all our intercontinental routes in LOT Business Class you are eligible for a higher baggage limit. You can take 3 x 32 kg of checked baggage items.

Travel comfort and in-flight entertainment

We are committed to ensure that you have a good time during your flight, not just at your destination. Getting off the ariplane well rested after several hours on board is an important thing. This is why all our intercontinental flights are operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliners, the world's most modern aircraft.

You can forget about inconvenience onboard our airplanes! Wide, reclining seats complete with an array of necessities, such as soft blankets and pillows, provide excellent conditions for both sleep and work. Friendly LED lighting and large, tinted windows will help you enter a state of deep relaxation, minimizing the symptoms of jet-lag, i.e. the syndrome of sudden time zone changes. In our Dreamliner you will feel like at home.

All seats in our Dreamliners are fitted with a power socket, a USB port and an individual in-flight entertainment system. On long-haul flights, you can enjoy a comprehensive choice of in-flight entertainment including over 140 films and TV series (also ones inspired by the countries where we fly), as well as concerts, entertainment shows and games. 

Exquisite menu

All our Business Class passengers on long-haul flights are offered a true culinary feast. Exquisite dishes, made from the best ingredients and served on high-quality porcelain on a carefully laid table, will make you feel like you are in a good restaurant. On flights (among others) to/from Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing you will have an opportunity to taste delicacies inspired by the taste of Asia.

Our cabin crew will greet you with a welcome snack and drink while the aircraft is still on the ground. After take-off, you can relish a wide selection of main courses served with a salad and an appetiser, while sipping on a glass of first-class wine. During the flight, you can also choose from a rich menu of desserts and cheeses. Before landing, you will be served a dish on a tray, served on porcelain tableware.

We offer a wide selection of wines and spirits. The wide card includes red, white and rosé wines from various regions of the world, as well as porto and champaign. On routes to Asia, we offer such regional alcoholic drinks as sake, ume liquer and Japanese whisky (on flights to/from Japan) or soju (on flights to/from South Korea. 

Amenity Kit

Two worlds – sky and cosmetic – join their forces to offer you a journey that cares for your skin while respecting the planet. Now you’ll find a new amenity kit in LOT Business Class. What’s inside? Natural Phenomé cosmetics, based on hydrolates instead of water. Refreshing apple cream and lip balm offer unparalleled hydration and nourishment to the skin. The set is completed with a bamboo toothbrush and natural toothpaste, as well as an eye mask. Furthermore, in the business class toilets, you’ll ind hand washing gel, lotion and refreshing mist – everything to turn your journey into something even more special. The products contain at least 95% natural ingredients and the packaging is recyclable. Enjoy your journey where comfort goes hand in hand with ecology high in the clouds.

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