Meals and drinks in LOT Business Class

We always ensure that the meals on board are prepared with passion and meet your highest expectations. Whether you prefer to start your day with a filling meal or a cup of coffee, you will get what makes you happy on our decks. Our dishes are composed of the best quality ingredients. We pay great attention to the taste as well as the aesthetics of their serving. Discover a completely different quality of travel in LOT Business Class and savour the taste of exquisite dishes high above the clouds.

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Short-haul flights

Make your trip special

We always care about your satisfaction and pleasure, which is why we offer dishes prepared with passion, composed of the best ingredients. Depending on the time of day, we will offer you breakfast or lunch, served in elegant crockery. During short-haul flights in LOT Business Class , e.g. across Europe, you can also enjoy a wide selection of beverages, including alcoholic ones.

Long-haul flights

Luxury above the clouds

Start your journey with us with a welcome drink and a small snack. Savour a diverse selection of main courses served with a salad and starter, while enjoying a glass of first-class wine. And after an excellent meal, enjoy a wide range of desserts and cheeses. Before landing, you will receive your meal served on a tray, in porcelain crockery. Between services, you can count on a wide range of sweet and salty snacks.

Sky restaurant

Travelling in LOT Business Class on long-haul flights, you will experience sophisticated and individual service. You will taste the best. We have exquisite dishes for you, prepared with sophisticated ingredients, served on high-quality china crockery on a carefully set table. You'll feel like you're in a fine restaurant, only above the clouds.

Wine selection

Carefully selected to meet your requirements. We select the best wines, including Polish brands, assessing their quality and richness of taste and aroma. Choose from a wide and varied range of red, white and rosé wines, including port and champagne.

A meal tailored to your needs

We are committed to making your culinary journey with us even more special, so we give you the option of ordering a meal tailored to your dietary preferences. Check out the meals tailored to your dietary indications.

Discover Asian flavours

Savour Far Eastern cuisine served on specialty crockery, as well as sampling local spirits and soft drinks. On routes to/from Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Mumbai and Delhi, you have the opportunity to sample specialities inspired by the myriad unique flavours of Asia, full of distinctive spices.

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Meals and drinks in LOT Premium Economy
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