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LOT for environment

We are proud to implement the DESTINATION ECO project that aims to strengthen our position as a socially responsible company. We observe the ever-increasing importance of eco-friendly attitudes and are constantly working towards sustainability. It is also important for us to strive to meet your changing expectations. See what we do for the environment!

The LOT logo against the backdrop of fields and forests

Our activities

We focus our environmental activities on three main areas:

  • reduction in CO2 emissions,
  • search for alternative and sustainable aviation fuels and CO2 offset projects,
  • reduction in the use of items made from non-biodegradable materials
  • support activities aimed at protecting nature.

Be part of the change!

At the final stage of purchasing your ticket, you can declare your willingness to pay a voluntary fee to offset your carbon footprint. By doing so, you will help us carry out more environmental projects. Remember - every passenger can help!

Environmental policy regulation

Read the Environmental Policy of LOT Polish Airlines.

Environmental projects

Revitalization of crane habitat areas in Starogard Forest District

Revitalization of crane habitat areas in Starogard Forest District
View of Starograd Forest District

Species protection of red-crowned cranes

Species protection of red-crowned cranes
Tors and beak of a Red-crowned Crane

Restoration of tree stands in the Runowo Forest District

Restoration of tree stands in the Runowo Forest District
Logo of LOT for environment

Partnerships and certificates

What we are doing under the Destination ECO program? We prove that our words are not empty catchphrases! We pride ourselves on our collaboration with great institutions and memberships in significant organisations. We also acquire certificates in evidence of our activities!

Fuel efficiency

Reducing air emissions, respect for the environment and sustainability are the main values we try to follow in all the company's activities. One of the measures to reduce CO2 emissions is fuel efficiency, i.e. a series of measures to reduce the amount of fuel burned during flight.

On board

We follow trends and are constantly improving our on-board products. We have introduced wooden cutlery, reusable Luran dishes, we segregate waste.... As a result, we have reduced the amount of plastic waste generated by 30 tonnes!

ECO Blog 🌱 🌿

Are you wondering what you can do for the environment? Do you think that, as an individual, you have no impact on the world? Find out that every small decision leads to big changes!

Loyalty programs for environment

The LOT Dla Firm, LOT Kolekcjoner, LOT Partnerzy, LOT Book&Collect and LOT Pontgyűjtő loyalty programs actively support the DESTINATION ECO project. If you are a member of a particular program, you have the opportunity to exchange accumulated Points for special vouchers. These vouchers are then donated to environmental initiatives, allowing program members to make a positive impact on the environment.