How to travel consciously? Sustainable tourism

publication date: February 22, 2023

9 rules for responsible travel

Would you agree that responsible travel gives great satisfaction? If so, start with small steps! That way you'll find it easier to change your habits and appreciate small-big actions. Just starting your sustainability journey? We come to your rescue! Read our list of practical tips and learn 9 principles of responsible travel.

How to travel in a responsible way? Here's our advice

1. Drink water from a reusable bottle

You've certainly happened to buy water in a plastic bottle while traveling. After all, it's hard to imagine a day of intense sightseeing without proper hydration! However, you can change that. Invest in a reusable bottle and fill it with accessible water from street intakes or taps. If you are concerned about its purity, disinfect it with special devices easily available in online stores. What kind of bottle to choose? On the market you will find many types of thermoses with interesting designs - maybe you will like our offer of colorful bottles signed with the logo of LOT? This is a must-have gadget for any aviation fan!

Thermal bottle with LOT logo; How to travel responsibly?

Did you know that you can find free clean water faucets at Warsaw Chopin Airport, as well as at other airports around the world? Go through security with an empty bottle, and then fill up the vessel at your convenience!

2. Respect the locals and their traditions

The best way to appreciate the place you are visiting is to respect the local customs. Take the time to research the history and culture before you leave - you're sure to learn many interesting things! Respecting customs in local communities preserves cultural and artistic heritage, and interacting with locals is one of the most rewarding things about sustainable travel. It keeps traditions alive and continues to be passed down from generation to generation while creating a sense of unity among the local community. Also, be sure to respect the prevailing rules in selected places, such as when visiting religious sites in Muslim countries. Finally, check in advance the dates of any holidays or events that will take place during your stay, as you may find that some areas may be closed.

3. Learn a few words in the local language

You already know that responsible travel includes respect for local customs and traditions. There is no better way to acknowledge the existence of a culture than to learn the local language. Learning a few basic words can help you interact with locals - they are sure to appreciate any attempt to communicate, not just the grammatically correct ones! Learn key phrases that you can use to say hello, exchange courtesy or order food. Words such as "hello, goodbye, thank you, please, yes, no" are a good starting point. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Support local residents; How to travel responsibly?

4. Slow down and appreciate every moment

Is your itinerary filled with all the attractions of the region? Do you want to see as much as possible in a few days? That's understandable! However, taking a quick tour and checking off the points on your list one by one will ensure that you don't get to know an area 100%. Slowing down will allow you to really experience the atmosphere of the place you are visiting. That way, you can take the time to immerse yourself in the culture and build deeper relationships with the locals. Take a cooking class to sample local flavors and learn how to make traditional dishes. Spend the day slowly walking or cycling and you're sure to discover some gems, such as an atmospheric café with delicious pastries and beverages. Search for local events and get to know the city from a different angle. This kind of tourism enhances a more authentic and unique travel experience.

5. Support local businesses

Supporting local businesses strengthens the regional economy. This means creating more jobs, generating revenue for local residents, and the continued development of the region. Therefore, visit open-air markets, enjoy locally brewed beer or regional wine, buy locally made souvenirs and avoid big chain restaurants. In addition, use the services of a local guide - an amazing experience guaranteed! No one will tell you so many interesting facts of the region as a resident! Also, look for accommodation in local guesthouses and lodges. Such option is often much cheaper, and the atmosphere of the place and hospitality of the owners will definitely make you feel at home! The worthwhile contribution to the local community!

6. Explore the city on foot or by bike

Walking and cycling tours are not only an important part of responsible travel, they are also a great way to engage with the city. By doing so, you are able to notice things that you would otherwise easily miss by flashing by car or bus. These alternative methods of getting around will help you save on your budget, as well as provide the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors and active. Before your trip, make sure to check whether you rent a bicycle locally and whether the municipality provides adequate road conditions. The world is even more beautiful from a bicycle! Get comfortable exploring the attractions of individual cities, especially in Oslo, Ljubljana, Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Walking tours, on the other hand, are popular in Prague, Berlin, Paris or London.

Responsible travel - a bicycle tour; How to travel responsibly?

7. Choose eco-friendly destinations

While countries around the world are stepping up their efforts to protect and preserve the environment, responsible travel is a must. Many destinations offer an abundance of green solutions and are resiliently working towards nature. In Stockholm, public transportation runs on certified renewable energy. Ljubljana has won recognition for many initiatives in sustainable development and responsible tourism. Lithuania, as the first Baltic country to become part of the World Tourism Organization, shows a strong commitment to eco-development. In Norway, industries such as fuel, fishing and hunting have been properly regulated. In Galicia, Spain, you'll find an abundance of places that produce local delicacies, guesthouses that operate in harmony with nature, and beautiful trails for mountain hiking - to appreciate nature and enjoy the magnificent views.

8. Read digital press

Replace traditional newspapers with environmentally friendly e-magazines! This way you not only reduce paper consumption, but also gain additional space in your luggage. When traveling on board with us, you have the opportunity to read the most up-to-date editions of newspapers and magazines from around the world. We offer more than 1,000 titles in dozens of languages, which you will read throughout your trip - on the way to the airport, during the flight, and after landing. Do you prefer travel topics, fashion, economics and business, or maybe lifestyle? You are sure to find something for you!

9. Compensate for carbon footprint

Did you know that as part of the Destination Eco project, we are implementing a socially responsible company policy? We constantly monitor the expectations of our passengers and pay attention to the growing importance of eco-friendly attitudes in the world. We are constantly looking for solutions to help reduce our carbon footprint, and you can help us do it! In the booking process you will find an option to raise a voluntary fee to offset your carbon footprint. We will use the raised funds to implement our most important environmental projects:

  • CO2 reduction during flights, including the search for alternative aviation fuels,
  • offsetting CO2 emissions,
  • reduction in the use of items made of non-biodegradable materials and recycling.
Shadow of airplane over forest  and a lake