Online check-in

Online check-in begins 24hours prior to the scheduled departure. Check the list of airports from online check-in is not available: Alicante, Beirut, Burgas, Catania, Chisinau, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Groningen, Hamburg, Kharkiv, Ljubljana, Malaga, Malta, Ohrid, Olbia, Olsztyn-Szymany, Oslo, Palma de Mallorca, Podgorica, Pula, Rijeka, Rimini, Rome, Skopje, Split, Tirana, Tivat, Varna, Zadar, Dublin and Zagreb.

Choose on of the check-in options/methods.
Check-in is available only at the airport

If you are denied boarding or if your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least two hours, ask at the check-in counter or boarding gate for the text stating your rights, particularly with regard to compensation and assistance.