Unique places for engagement

Choosing an ideal place for your engagement is a tough challenge. We know that, so we would like to suggest 5 most interesting sites to spend that crucial day. Romantic France, inconspicuous Belgium or always beautiful Türkiye - decide and act! We can suggest a place for your engagement, but choosing the ring and organising the event is you job. Find out about fabulous cities that are perfect sites for your engagement ...good luck.

Interesting places for your engagement - 5 cities for couples in love

Paris couples in love

Engagement in Paris will never get out of fashion. And romantic comedies with Paris in the background will make it stay a city of love for long years to come. Visit the sites from your favourite films - Midnight in Paris, Amelia or any other film which made you cry or laugh to tears. Surprise your loved one and take her where your favourite scene was filmed. Plan a walk around Montmartre. Considered a home to boheme and artists, it is where Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso created their masterpieces. There are not going to be crowds of tourists this year, so you will at ease together. You must go to the popular wall (Mur des je t’aime) with the words "I love you" written in all languages of the world. Maybe this is your perfect place for engagement in Paris?

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Engagement in Bussels?

Why not! Brussels is not only a business destination. Choose Brussels for your engagement and you will surprise your loved one with that unobvious location. We can convince you that it is colourful and romantic.

Set off in search of murals with popular comic book characters - you will meet Aterix and Obelix, Smurfs, Lucky Luke and many more. It is an interesting engagement place for comic book fans. On the corner of Stoofstraat and Eikstraat, you can meet a boy by the name of Juliaanske, known as peeing boy statue. The legend goes that touching his right arm will bring you good luck. There is a grain of truth in every legend, so better try and help your luck in love.

Surprise your partner by giving her the ring in the Buyssens maze or the particularly touching garden of Hearts by Pechère in the Van Buuren Park.  The gardens are masterpieces of landscape architecture in themselves, and for you they may become a perfect place for a walk, contemplation and dreams about the future. Don't forget about Belgian pralines. Buy the ones in the shape of a heart!

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View in Brussels

In the footsteps of Casanova... romantic engagement in Venice

Full of alleys and narrow streets, Venice offers some interesting opportunities for romantic engagement. The bridges that offer the most beautiful viewpoints are the ones in Ponte di Rialto (in the vicinity of which Casanova, the world's greatest seducer, met his lovers), Ponte dell’ Accademia, and Ponte degli Scalzi - theseare ideal places to give her the ring. A gondola cruise is a Venetian attraction for lovers that is particularly charming in the evening when buildings beautifully reflect from the surface of the water... A fiddler playing "Ti Amo", cooled Aperol Spritz and a view of the Venetian Lagoon all give a marvellous and memorable atmosphere.

If not Venice, think about nearby Verona. At Juliet's balcony, your chosen one is bound to say YES. Not to mention the impression you will have on your second half when you start reciting verses from Romeo and Juliet in that scenery.

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How about engagement in Chișinău?

A romantic site for couples in love is in the King Stephan the Great Park (Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt). Spanning over an area of 7 hectares, the vast park is particularly picturesque and has tens of various tree species which make each sector of the part a world of its own. Sit down on a bench, watch the nature and enjoy the peace and silence together.

Moldovan wine is appreciated all around the world. The "Gold Collection" of Milestii Mici, a vineyard with 200 kilometres of tunnels, was found by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest wine collection - it has some 1.5 million of bottles. Perhaps it is a good idea to spend Saint Valentine's Day where the wine is produced? Since vineyards are Moldova's greatest tourist attraction, why not to choose one for a unique site for your engagement? A glass of Moldovan wine and dinner with candles will enchant many couples in love. 

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 Türkiye is always beautiful

Istanbul is a Türkiye mega-city that is bustling with life during the day. Shouting vendors, aromas of the delicious local cuisine, a touch of the former glory of the Ottoman Empire... However, in the evening the city calms down a bit and let you appreciate its romantic side. Before sunset, go to the Galata tower. We can only say it is a splendid site to organise engagement. From the tower, you will have a view of the heart of Istanbul, the perfect scenery to ask "Will you mary me?".

A cruise by a luxurious yacht on the Bosphorus is another idea for romantic time. From the deck you can admire Istanbul's fine buildings: the Topkapi Palace, the Dolmabahce Palace and Mosque, the Ortakoy Mosque and the imposing fortifications. The murmur of the waves, gentle breeze and reflections of the sun in the Bosphorus - stunning impressions guaranteed!

February in Istanbul is mild, with the average temperature around 10 °C. It is an interesting alternative to the cold Polish winter. Organise your engagement in Türkiye.

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