It is who you travel with - for years!

Safe, professional, hospitable - what LOT Polish Airlines is today is also due to the people who have made it over the years. Welcome to our series of interviews It's who you travel with – for years and stories of people connected with LOT Polish Airlines that you won't hear anywhere else! 

LOT Polish Airlines: Unknown tidbits from the history of the national carrier. Interview with Jacek Makowski, son of famous pilot

Waclaw Makowski was the CEO (then president of LOT) of LOT Polish Airlines before World War II. His son, Jacek Makowski, told us unknown facts from LOT's history and revealed how his father made a breakthrough in civil aviation.

How to become a Dreamliner pilot? Jerzy Makula for LOT Polish Airlines

LOT – an airline of piloting masters. That is what has been said about LOT Polish Airlines for years. The best example to confirm this thesis is Jerzy Makula, multiple world, European and Polish champion in glider aerobatics, instructor and retired captain at LOT Polish Airlines. How does one become a pilot? What does Makula advise aviation adepts? And what does he have in common with the glider, attached in the LOT building, known from the programmes "Operation LOT" and "So I fly!".

How do you arrange an airline network?

Grzegorz Jarczewski is known as the "one-man band" at LOT Polish Airlines. He has worked as a navigator, radio operator, and in the Scheduling Department and Network Planning Department, among other roles. In an interview, he reveals who, besides pilots, had to be in the cockpit in past decades, why navigators' wives preferred their husbands to work at PLL LOT rather than on ships, and how challenging it is to create an airline network. Join us and watch the interview.

A stewardess at LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines is famous, among other things, for its professional and hospitable flight crews. Stewardess is a profession so prestigious that uniforms for this profession were designed inter alia by Giorgio Armani or Coco Chanel, and so desirable that there are sometimes more applicants for a single place than for an elite university. Was it the same in the 1970s and 1980s? How to become a flight attendant? We invite you to watch an interview with former PLL LOT flight attendant Małgorzata Nowotnik