How to transport a diving cylinder?

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You are not sure if you can take your diving cylinder on a plane and how to properly secure it for transport? You will find all the necessary information below.

General information on transporting a diving cylinder

  • A diving cylinder may only be carried as checked baggage (under the aircraft).
  • The carriage of the diving cylinder is included in the passenger baggage allowance according to the purchased ticket and is subject to possible excess baggage charges if the permitted limit is exceeded.

Specific requirements for preparing a diving cylinder for transport

  • diving cylinders may only be carried empty,
  • the maximum capacity of a diving gas container is 50 ml of water,
  • the valves of such cylinders should be opened during transport,
  • protect the cylinder with bubble wrap or foam, but leave the valve opening uncovered so that airport personnel can inspect it.

Failure to meet the above requirements for transporting a diving cylinder may result in refusal to accept the equipment for the flight.

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