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5 ideas for an autumn vacation - where to fly in September?

September is the time to return to work (or study!), daily chores and routine. This month, it is worth thinking about... autumn holidays. After all, who wouldn't want the holiday atmosphere to last indefinitely? Enjoy the last rays of sunshine in unique corners of the world and discover the best destinations for an unforgettable holiday in September!

Where to fly in September?

1. Spend your September holiday in Tbilisi!

Exceptional Georgian food, picturesque architecture and a unique peculiar atmosphere - welcome to Tbilisi! Georgia's capital is a great choice for a vacation in September. Fewer tourists and pleasant air temperature make a vacation in Tbilisi in September a hit! 





While you're here, take a walk down the most famous Rustaveli Street, enjoy traditional Georgian cuisine (such as Chinkali dumplings or the traditional dish Khachapuri). Also see Freedom Square, a symbol of free Georgia and one of the most important places for its people.

When spending your September vacation in Tbilisi, be sure to visit the Old Town, which attracts with its mountainous location, historic architecture and unique Georgian climate. Spice up your September evening with a ride on the funicular from Europe Square to Narikala Fortress, from where you'll see a picturesque panorama of Tbilisi. If you are wondering where to fly in September, the Georgian capital is one of the best choices for an active holiday!

If you are wondering where to fly in September, the Georgian capital is one of the best choices for an active holiday!

2. Plan a sunny September in Cairo!

The largest city in the Middle East does not disappoint lovers of hot vacations even after the high season. If you are wondering where to fly in September, a great choice would be Cairo.





A mix of cultures and unusual sights, the city invites you to marvel at its uniqueness and offers a wide range of time activities - from the widely offered desert tours and camel rides to the more down-to-earth providing extreme thrills of the Necropolis - the City of the Dead. Although normal life goes on there today, and some tombs have been transformed into houses, real mausoleums can be found between the stores.

The city, which is the epitome of the fairy tale of One Thousand and One Nights, mixes many lifestyles. If you want to feel like a Cairo resident, it's worth venturing into the pubs in the side streets, where Cairenes of all ages sip tea in the evenings.

3. An idea for a holiday in September? Choose Krakow!

Dreaming of a unique holidays in September that will immerse you in rich history and culture? Discover the charm of Krakow, the perfect destination for an off-season vacation!

Krakow, with its picturesque Old Town, truly royal monuments and bustling streets, is the perfect destination for a holidays in September. Admire the beauty of the Main Square, one of the largest squares in Europe, surrounded by beautiful townhouses and the Main Town Hall. Enter Wawel Castle, the historic hill of royal residences, and stroll through Kazimierz, the traditional Jewish quarter.





Did you know that Krakow is also a paradise for art and culture lovers? Find out by visiting the National Museum, where you'll explore Polish and world art, or experience an unforgettable moment at the Krakow Opera House for one of its spectacular performances. 

Although September is the beginning of autumn rather than summer in Poland, Krakow is sure to surprise you with its outdoor attractions. Take advantage of the last moments of sunny weather and take a stroll through the Planty Park, the green ring around the Old Town. Also relax on the banks of the Vistula River, enjoying the tranquility and beautiful views of Wawel Castle, and at the end of the day.... relax in the beautiful Jordan Garden. If you're in the mood for something to eat, savor Krakow's culinary diversity and try traditional dishes such as pierogi, oscypki or traditional Polish soups. 

You've probably already seen that Krakow in September is the perfect place for an off-season holiday escapade. So don't miss the opportunity and head to Krakow this fall!

4. Go on holiday in September to Yerevan!

Dreaming of an exotic trip in September? Take a trip to the capital of Armenia, viz. the hidden treasure of the Caucasus!

Wondering why Yerevan is the perfect place for a vacation in September? Find out by visiting Republic Square - the heart of the city, from where you can admire the Mother of Armenia Monument and feel the real pulse of the city. Stroll along the picturesque Aboviana Street, where charming cafes and stores with traditional handicrafts await you. And don't forget to visit St. Gregory's Cathedral, a majestic church of great historical significance.





If you feel like exploring Yerevan's cultural wealth, visit the Museum of Armenian History or the National Art Gallery. Prefer to relax in the fresh air? No problem - Yerevan also offers many outdoor attractions! Take advantage of the beautiful September days to visit Mount Ararat. Admire the picturesque scenery and see the symbolic biblical hill, then relax at the Vernissage Park, where you are sure to find unique souvenirs for your loved ones.

Are you tired of sightseeing in Yerevan? Get your strength back by trying traditional Armenian dishes such as khachapuri (Georgian cheese cake) or chash (Armenian meat dish) - all accompanied by the famous Armenian wine, of course! In our opinion, there is no better place for a vacation in September than Yerevan. Anyway... find out for yourself by booking flights to Yerevan and start the journey of your dreams today!

5. Where to fly in September? To Japan!

When planning a vacation in September, consider Japan. At this time, the island country is catching its breath after a hot summer - however, temperatures in the evenings can still reach 25 degrees, providing a whiff of holiday atmosphere.





Wondering where to fly in September? A hit for a September vacation would be Narita! After all, the city sometimes bypassed by travelers to Tokyo hides treasures just waiting to be discovered. The largest of these is the Narita-San temple complex. The breathtaking 1,000-year-old temple town provides an Old Japanese vibe that you might miss in the big capital!

While in Narita, you can't miss the beautiful nature paintings surrounding the Buddhist complex - especially since admission to Narita Park is possible at any time of the day or night and.... completely free of charge! When you get hungry, be sure to check out one of the many charming restaurants serving delicious eel - the city's calling card and a treat for intrepid tourists.

September doesn't have to mean the end of holidays and relaxation! Find a date that suits you and book your holiday in September today! The best offers are waiting for you!

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