Can I travel by plane with a pacemaker?

Wondering if you can air travel with a cardiac pacemaker? Want to make sure it's safe to travel by air with a pacemaker or other medical implants? Read the information below if you or someone close is planning to travel by air and uses a pacemaker, deep brain stimulator or other medical devices.

The pacemaker itself or other medical devices as objects are not contraindications to air travel. Remember, however, that a related issue is the traveler's medical condition, from which the necessity of using such a device directly arises - for this reason, if you are traveling with a pacemaker, a deep brain stimulator (DBS) or a prosthetic joint, contact your doctor first. 

The use of the aforementioned devices is not a problem during airport security screening - you just need to inform the screening officer that you have them.

Radioisotope-powered pacemakers and other medical devices with a similar degree of coupling to the user, including those powered by lithium batteries, can only be carried as an implant or external device installed in the course of a medical procedure.

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