Little known Prague – interesting attractions that are worth to see

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Are there little known places in Prague at all? Can a city that is visited by millions of tourists every year have any hidden treasures? It can, as it turns out! And they are unique, fascinating and definitely worth visiting!

Vinohrady district

Go for a wonderful walk around the Prague city centre, which is tightly packed with countless proud townhouses. Take your time and absorb every detail, delight your eyes with ornamented façades full of beautiful decorations. Feel the unique atmosphere of the 19th century metropolis, which survived the wartime turmoil intact as one of very few big cities in out part of Europe. You will have the most beautiful view of it from two squares. One, Namesti Miru Square with a theatre building and the Church of St. Ludmila, and the other - Jiřího z Poděbrad Square, at which you can see a unique building of the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord. It is a product of the talent of one of the most interesting architects of the 20th century – master Jože Plečnik of Slovenia.

Black Mother of God House

Czech artists were the first and only in the world to take cubism from the realm of painting and introduce it to artistic craft and architecture, giving rise to an immensely interesting marriage which today is one of Prague's most unique attractions. Take a close look at the interesting architecture of the building, which was named after the statue of the Black Madonna, and then visit the gallery of Czech cubism, which is a branch of the Czech National Museum. You will have an opportunity to see beautiful everyday objects kept in that unique aesthetic.

Mullers' Villa

Excellent avant-garde architecture plus extraordinary history make that building a truly unique object! Built in 1928 - 1930, the modernistic house was designed by none other than Adolf Loos. Have a look at its extraordinary architecture and light, spacious interiors that symbolise the luxury of the Interwar Period.

Strašnice depot

Are you interested in transport? Do you like trams and buses? If yes, then the tram depot, opened in the early 20th century, is among Prague's little known places which you should visit. Following its decommissioning, it became home for various historic vehicles and old equipment now in the collections of the Public Transport Museum. You can see many interesting exhibits there, including a horse-drawn tram from 1896!

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Star Summer Castle

The Situated in a vast park, there is an excellent example of Czech Medieval architecture which will amaze you with its long history and extraordinary shape. As the name suggests, that small stronghold has the shape of a perfect hexagonal star.

Monastery in Strahov

As for sacred attractions in Prague, you must visit the beautiful monastery complex with several courtyards and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It houses an excellent library, which might not be as stunning as that in Clementinum, but is not much inferior either, and it much less popular among tourists.

Žižkov Cargo Station

If you are seeking nice atmosphere and are also a fan industrial and alternative venues, consider visiting the former cargo station. Adapted as a venue for various cultural events, the vast area is home for atmospheric cafés, city gardens, environmental initiatives and various city activists, among others.

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