Spring destinations

Discover our range of destinations in which you will be amazed by nature!

Don't miss the unique moment when nature comes to life

Spring is the time when days become longer and warmer, encouraging active time outdoors. That's why we suggest destinations for your spring journey that perfectly match the atmosphere of awakening nature!

You'll find something for yourself, whether you desire a momentary escape from the hustle of the big city or want to explore unique metropolises!

Amazing spring destinations








The cost of the ticket includes the flight, taxes, airport fees and other additional charges, including fuel surcharges. In addition, you can take on board carry-on baggage up to 8 kg and a personal item!
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The charms of spring journeys

A spring journey is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time actively with your loved ones! During this time of the year, the weather in many places is conducive to both hiking and cycling. But even sunbathing enthusiasts will find something for themselves!

Greece, Slovenia, France, as well as Tokyo or Tashkent - choose the best destination for yourself and your loved ones!

Get inspired!

Are you looking for an inspiration for spring travel? Check out the propositions on our travel blog! 

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