update: July 10, 2023

Holidays with children - 3 best destinations for a family vacation abroad

Do you agree that summer is the perfect time for a family trip? Little travelers then have time off from school, and you can finally relax. Maybe you have an image of fairytale Paris in your mind, or you're thinking about relaxing on Croatian beaches? Discover the 3 best destinations for vacations with children abroad and plan a special time for the whole family!

Looking for a summer vacation idea with your kids? Check out our suggestions!

1. Holidays with children in France

How about a holidays with children on the picturesque Côte d'Azur? If this idea appeals to you, head to Nice, a French city with a truly holiday vibe! There you will find beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water and charming townhouses, among which you can relax at lunch or have breakfast in true French style. When visiting Nice, be sure to see the night view of the Basilica Notre-Dame de Nice, from the top of which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautifully lit city and the beach.

Also visit Cannes, a city known around the world for the international film festival that takes place here every year. Cannes is located about 30 kilometers from Nice and you'll get there both by train and bus. When visiting the city, be sure to take a souvenir photo at the famous Cannes staircase, where world-famous personalities walk by every year. When spending holidays with children on the Côte d'Azur, be sure to go to Monte Carlo. The spectacular yachts located there will impress both you and your kids!

Planning holidays with children in France? Think about visiting the city famous for its crispy croissants, delicious cheeses and fine wine - Paris! If you are dreaming of a time full of entertainment and children's attractions, take your kids on a family trip to.... Disneyland Park. On site you will meet your favorite fairy tale characters and have the opportunity to take a photo together, and then.... How about a rollercoaster ride or a cruise straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean? There is no time for boredom at Disneyland! In the evening, on the other hand, enjoy an amazing parade, ending with a spectacular fireworks show. As you can see, a visit to Disneyland is an attraction not only for the younger ones - you will surely enjoy it too!





2. Holidays with children in Croatia

Want to spend holidays with your children in Croatia? Then you will surely be convinced by the vast beaches and rocky shoreline, which, combined with the azure color of the water and plenty of greenery, create a picture-perfect view. A vacation in Croatia can be planned in a variety of ways - both relaxing and more active. For example, you can take a walk in one of the numerous National Parks or go exploring ancient architecture or the city's fortified walls.

Our first suggestion for holidays with children in Croatia is Split, which is the second largest city in terms of population. Located on the Adriatic Sea, it's also known as the City of the Southern Sun and offers both access to public beaches and the opportunity to visit numerous historical sites. When visiting Split, take a look at the Old Town and stroll along the seaside promenade leading to the port. Need a moment's rest? Relax on the picturesque Bacvice beach!

Another city worth visiting in Croatia is Zadar, which, like Split, is located right on the Adriatic Sea. If you're thinking of an active holidays with children in Croatia, plan a trip to the Kornati National Park, 2 hours away from the city center. This magical place consists of 147 islands from which you can admire the boundlessness of the surrounding Adriatic Sea.

If you're planning holidays with children in Zadar, there are plenty of sights and attractions just waiting to be discovered in the city itself! The Old Town is even brimming with numerous churches and beautiful streets that are sure to spice up your exploration of the city.

How about holidays with children in Dubrovnik? This Croatian city is not without reason considered the most beautiful in Croatia and the most popular among travelers! Its attractiveness is influenced by the wealth of tourist attractions and monuments, which tell more about the country's history than school textbooks.

Walking down Dubrovnik's main street, you can't miss the Franciscan Monastery, famous for its huge library. Also look out for the Defensive Walls surrounding Dubrovnik and the Great Gate leading into the city. Take a trek to Srd Hill and see the panoramic view of Dubrovnik's compact buildings from there. If you don't like to walk, no worries - you can also get there by cable car. At your leisure, relax in one of the numerous cafes or spend some time on one of the local beaches. A visit to Dubrovnik is, in our opinion, the perfect recipe for a dream holidays with children!

3. Holidays with children in Egypt

How about holidays with kids in Egypt? You have to admit that the Pyramids of Giza and ancient mummies sound like a fantastic adventure! Plan a trip to Cairo and visit the fascinating Egyptian Museum, which will take you back in time. Learn more about the history of ancient Egypt and admire the thematic exhibitions, then... see the Great Sphinx in its full glory! The statue of the mythical creature is sure to stimulate the imagination not only of you, but also of your kids. You will also have an unforgettable experience on a cruise on the Nile, the longest river in all of Africa! So, what do we see you in Egypt?

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