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There is no shortage of interesting places in Zurich outside the old town, either. When you have more time and have already visited the most important sights of the old town, have a coffee, relax and go for a walk in the downtown area. And then enjoy the beauty of the beautiful lake!

Zurich must see

National Museum - Switzerland from scratch

Behind the station building you will find an extremely interesting building in the form of a romantic castle with a large number of turrets. This is the Swiss National Museum, to which a modern wing has been added on the north side, strongly contrasting with the rest of the building. If you are interested in the Helvetian country, be sure to go inside. Here you will learn about their history, culture and art. In other words - this is one of the must-see items among Zurich's attractions.

Schanzengraben - oases of luxury and calm

If you walk any of the streets from Bahnhofstrasse in a westerly direction, you will have the opportunity to admire the continuation of Zurich's downtown with more elegant stores and banks. Each of these streets will lead you to the canal that is the former city moat - Schanzengraben. A walk here will be a great pleasure and an opportunity to relax.

Ethnographic Museum of the University- cultures from different parts of the world

On the triangular bastion north of Selnaubrücke you will find another nice place. This is the Old Botanical Garden, which has been in existence since 1833, as well as the Ethnographic Museum of the University telling the story of various cultures of the world. Adjacent to the bastion, meanwhile, is the city's wooden bathing area built on the canal.

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FIFA World Football Museum - the kingdom of football

On the outskirts of the downtown area, at the "Zürich Enge" train station with its interesting architecture in the form of a row of arcades led in an arc, you will come across the FIFA World Football Museum. Don't forget that Switzerland is the headquarters of many international organizations, and FIFA is one of them. If you're fascinated by sports, this is the one Zurich attraction that needs to be on your "places must to visit" list.

Heimplatz - artists and students

On Heimplatz you'll find one of Zurich's most important art galleries - the Kunsthalle, where you can see mostly contemporary artists. Not far from here is the university district with several interesting buildings. The first is a monumental library building with two distinctive risalits. Slightly higher, on the left stands the building of the Faculty of Philosophy. Another will be standing on the left is a very interesting building with a distinctive semicircular risalit housing the main entrance. It also has a massive tower, which is a link to the neighboring edifice housing the University Zoological Museum. Another building standing next door is perhaps the most imposing edifice housing the Polytechnic University. In this area you will encounter the bustle typical of such neighborhoods throughout Europe and more laid-back than in the noble center. You will also definitely find it easier to find some pub or bistro serving food at affordable prices.

street art in Zurich

Relax in the big city

Thanks to its great location, quite a few of Zurich's points of interest are associated with the lake. If you feel like relaxing by the water for a while, head to the eastern shore, where you'll find extensive recreational areas. There's a city swimming pool, a vast lawn where you can have a picnic or lie down with a book. There is also a Chinese pavilion, original in form, and a pavilion designed by Le Corbusier, as well as several restaurants.

Zurich is a city where there is something for everyone. Check out your favorite places and book flights to Zurich!









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