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Ostrava - an extraordinary city in the Czech Republic, located just across the Polish border, has many attractions to offer. What should you visit there?

In the past, Ostrava used to be a famous industrial area in Central Europe, but in the 1990s, when natural resources ran out, the city focused on tourism. Investments were made in the development of tourist attractions, and old industrial facilities were converted into museums and other public faciliates.

In Ostrava, there are located for example country's highest Town Hall Tower and one of the largest natural pools in Europe. The high content of iodine in the air will make you feel like you are in a seaside resort! Don't forget to go to Sanatorium Klimkovice for a bath in brine water. For fans of stronger impressions, Ostrava has prepared a closed Vitkovice smelter. In addition to visiting the industrial old part, you can enter the observation deck on the roof of the blast furnace and admire the panorama of the city.

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