Photo of airport in Lublin

Lublin Airport (LUZ)

Lublin Airport is a regional airport located in the city of Świdnik - 10 kilometers from the center of Lublin. In 2021, just over 108,000 passengers used LUZ Airport's services. It is worth mentioning that Lublin Airport was opened relatively recently, as the first aircraft landed here in December 2012.

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Transfer from the airport

You can reach the Lublin Airport in one of four ways. Near the terminal, there's a stop of city transport buses, which will take you to both Lublin and the village of Mełgiew. The timetable is adapted to the arrival and departure times at Lublin Airport. You can also use the train - the time to get to the airport from Lublin's main train station is about 15-20 minutes, depending on the course you choose. An important note is that although you can get to Lublin from the airport by cab, there are no regular taxi stands at the terminal - you must order your own ride by phone each time. Next to the terminal, on the other hand, there are two parking lots for private cars.

Amenities for travellers

There are several service points at the LUZ Airport terminal - these are mainly car rental companies. In addition to these, you can find a duty-free store, a newsagent's and food & beverage facilities. Lublin Airport also offers amenities for people with disabilities, who can be accompanied at the airport by a qualified assistant.

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